Ilford Halts Film Production Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Ilford Halts Film Production Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause major disruptions around the world, one of the world's biggest film producers, Ilford, is shutting down all production until further notice.

The company recently announced the news as a response to the latest guidelines issued by the UK government. Taking measures to protect the health of their employees, they are ceasing film production starting on April 1, with no resumption date given yet. Technically, UK guidelines allow them to still operate, but Ilford has chosen to be proactive in ensuring the safety of their employees. 

Having anticipated this shutdown, the company recently increased production of their most popular films to ensure as much availability as possible leading up to the cessation of production. For now, their distribution warehouse will remain open, with workers there employing distancing and using personal protective equipment to ensure their own safety. Nonetheless, the company expects that shipping and distribution will become more difficult in the coming weeks and recommends that anyone who needs film to purchase it now. In the meantime, Ilford has moved as many employees to working at home as possible. You can read the full press release from the company here.

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Irma Prunesquallor's picture

What a load of bollocks!

To quote: "... UK guidelines allow them to still operate...", which means that it is a unilateral decision that they have taken to stop. Since the government will pay 80% of their employees' salaries (and not going to work will save many 20% in travelling costs etc.) shutting down will make the company much more profitable than keeping going as usual.

John Savidi's picture

Film is not essential and, here's a thought, maybe Ilford are a caring employer.
There is too much bad in the world at the moment, why add to it with your abrasive negativity.

Ivan Lantsov's picture

film dirty and bad for planet!