The Saddest Boy In The World

The Saddest Boy In The World is a short film by Vancouver filmmaker, Jamie Travis of Modern Family Productions. "Saddest Boy" is a perfect double rainbow of dark humor and a vintage nabes-esque aesthetic. On Modern Family Production's site, there is a Q&A section with the director that gives some insite to how they made the movie. Here is a selection from the Q&A ...


Did the making of the film go smoothly?

The Saddest Boy in the World was the Lawrence of Arabia of short films. I had never worked with such a large cast and crew, countless locations and August sun. Of course, as there was at one of my birthday parties when I was young, there was a bee attack—and of course, the lead actor got stung. He was a trooper, though—he performed some pivotal scenes with a giant welt on his thigh. This was the same day we found our crew Port-O-Potty melted into a puddle of blue, liquor bottles scattered like chocolate chips in a cookie. (We learned later there was a disreputable halfway house down the street from our location.)

The first day of shooting found me in front of a row of kids in a school gymnasium. Once they were all in place, maybe a second went by and then they all cried and whined about their legs being sore. They were standing for mere minutes! Two hours later, I am sure all twenty kids resolved themselves to discussing the torture I made them endure with their future high school counsellors.

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Fddd Ssdd's picture

that was the stupidest thing ive ever seen....

Excellent work. Stanley Kubrick is alive and well, and making shorts! 

One of the most depressing things I have ever seen.

Anthony Tripoli's picture

The set design and a lot of the shots remind me of Wes Anderson, and the tone of the whole thing reminds me of Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko.

It's so damn sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why do this stuff ?????? 

Corey Melton's picture

did it move you to emotion or to feel something? congrats then, art did its job ...

Exactly! I love this filmed. It made me feel so sad for that little boy. It was sooooooooo depressing lol but beautifully done. 

Very well done and very funny.

what 9 year old knows how to tie a hangman's noose? Or tie it up to the ceiling? 

Tim Henry Woodard's picture

That was brilliant...I loved it. Mad me sad and laugh all at the same time. 

Keith Hammond's picture

loved it, great short, mom looked hot at 10.08..............well someone had to say it

i was waiting for the AK-47 to come out.....