A Series To Remind Us "Why We Create"

Why We Create, a series by director/cinematographer Andy Newman, features artists and what drives them. This video is the second installment with portrait photographer Nick Fancher but I highly recommend watching all that Andy has to offer as the series will remind you why we got into photography in the first place (An easy thing to forget when on the hustle for clients). Now if you'll excuse me I feel the need to get out and create something. Enjoy the video.

“It's all about the process; all about looking at what are other people doing right now that's blowing my mind, making me feel something.”-Nick Fancher-

via [ISO1200]

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Love this video. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Folden's picture

Great way to start Monday morning!

Well done. I feel like I relate to this guy's view on so many levels. Very inspirational.