Take a Tour of the Behemoth Kodak Complex in This Video

Kodak is sadly just a shell of what the company used to be, but the majority of the infrastructure that once made up the film giant is still very much in place. You can take a casual tour of the Kodak complex in this great video.

Coming to you from Negative Feedback, this interesting video follows the group of friends on a tour of the Kodak factory and is a great watch if you're feeling a bit nostalgic. I personally found it a bit sad to see such a seemingly empty place, knowing it was once a bustling complex inside of which millions of rolls of film that countless photographers and families used for decades were produced. I never knew just how sprawling the complex truly is, and this video only scratches the surface. It's a real testament to how fundamental a place the company once held in not just professional photography, but ordinary people documenting moments of their lives (after all, we do still refer to the "Kodak moment"). Tri-X 400 is still my favorite go-to film both for its look and its no-fuss nature. Nonetheless, digital marches on, and we're left to reminisce about what once was.