Vivian Maier Films Coming Soon

Vivian Maier Films Coming Soon

The greatest 20th Century photographer you've never heard of is about to become a household name. Vivian Maier, the reclusive, very private Chicago nanny whose 150,000-image archive proves her to be one of the most talented street photographers of the past century, is about to be immortalized in two separate films.

Fstopppers posted in February 2013 about the trailer for "Finding Vivian Maier," scheduled for a summer 2013 release, but a new trailer for a BBC Imagine series entitled "Vivian Maier - Who Took Nanny's Pictures?" surfaced last week that provides another in-depth glimpse into Maier's world.

John Maloof, the Chicago real estate agent who has amassed the greatest portion of her imagery after stumbling upon the archive at an auction, financed and directed "Finding Vivian Maier." He made the original find and has been a passionate advocate for Maier's work, posting new photos from an archive that represents the majority of her life's work. There is no set date for the film's premiere and it is unclear whether a distribution deal is in place for a theatrical release.

Jeffrey Goldstein, president of Vivian Maier Prints, represents a trove of more than 25,000 of her negatives, that are key to the BBC One Maier biopic. This 70-minute  film will broadcast on June 25th on BBC One with a different US film version "The Vivian Maier Mystery" later this year.

For more information on "Finding Vivian Maier," visit the Maloof collection online and for more information on the Goldstein body of work, visit Vivian Maier Photography.

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one of the greatest if not the greatest.

She is great, isn't she. And thanks for the mention of our film, much appreciated. Just to let you know that the BBC film, for which you run the trailer, IS the 70 minute film that you also mention. It goes out on BBC1 next week, June 25th. It's made by the BBC - part of the BBC arts series, called 'Imagine'. The series is edited and presented by the Creative Director of the BBC, Alan Yentob. I am the producer/director of many of the films, including this one. We interviewed Jeff Goldstein and had access to his collection of Vivian Maier's photographs, but it is the BBC's own independent production. It's called Imagine - Vivian Maier - Who Took Nanny's Pictures? and there will also be a US version, called The Vivian Maier Mystery.

so when does this come on in the US? June 25th? or is that not in the US and the US one is later and by a diffrent name (The Vivian Maier Mystery)?

US dates not confirmed yet - will keep you posted!

See updated post and thank you for clarifying.

So awesome. I can't wait to see it. What an amazing enigmatic character she was.

What an inspiration Vivian is!

Really talented photog'. I can't wait to see this documentary

BBC America?