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A Conversation With Jason Lee on His New Photography Book 'In the Gold Dust Rush'

You probably know Jason Lee from his many roles in TV and movies but did you also know he is a talented photographer? Yes that Jason Lee The star of "My Name is Earl,"  Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise, and my personal favorite "Mallrats." 

Lee started his photography journey in the early 2000s while road tripping around the western US where he developed a love for film and vintage cameras. He continued to develop this passion for film photography over the years even after taking a break from acting around 2015. 

Photographer Matt Day sat down with Lee to discuss his new book "In The Gold Dust Rush" and you really get a look into the passion and knowledge Lee has for film photography. You can tell it's born from a lot of time spent exploring with a variety of vintage cameras, testing and experimenting to find his own personal style. The book is a collection of black & white images shot throughout the mid-west from 2008-2020. I didn't know what to expect when sitting down to watch this interview but I was pleasantly surprised by how much Lee went into depth about his process as a photographer but also designing, choosing images, and producing the book as a whole. 

Overall the book's design looks fantastic and from what I've seen of the images I'm interested to see more of Lee's work. I love collecting photographers' books and have reviewed several here on Fstoppers so I think I'll be picking this one up. 

Have any recommendations for new photographer's books I should take a look at or you want to see reviewed here? Let me know in the comments. 

You can see more of Jason Lee's work and order his book on his website

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Also Jason Lee, in 1991:

Michael DeStefano checkout Ole Marius Jorgensen’s new (first?) book:
No Superhero https://www.amazon.com/dp/918781546X

Thanks, I'll check it out.

I knew he was a skateboarder never knew he was into photography. Great insight!