[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #10 – Levitation

[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #10 – Levitation

Levitation photography always makes me wonder how it would be if one day we'll all get a special power that will allow us to levitate or fly around. This week i'm bringing you 15 of the most beautiful levitation photos found on Flickr - check them out and tell us in the comments which are your favorites.

If you have your own levitation photos feel free to share links, and of course, if you have theme ideas for the next "Flickr Spotlight" we'll be more than happy to hear about them!

Floating melody
Photo: Ruolan Han.

stirring dust
Photo: Brooke Shaden.

Frozen (3/52)
Photo: Natasha Palmer.

Art. 328/365.
Photo: Louis Lander-Deacon.

Levitation Trials at AOL
Photo: Damon Dahlen.

The Magical Mystery Box and Co.
Photo: Lissy Elle.

I'm Not Dead.
Photo: Sophie Greenidge.

Photo: Jessica Neuwerth.

Belle's Dream
Photo: Rosie Kernohan.

the other side
Photo: Brooke Shaden.

a still more glorious dawn awaits, Wunderkammer. 2011.
Photo: Vanessa Paxton.

235/365- oh man, guys, something scary is around the corner...
Photo: Haley Elise.

Photo: Cameron Bushong.

12 of 365
Photo: Paula.

The Wonder of Reading
Photo: Carolyn Hampton.

From Noam:
I always love hearing from fellow photographers. If you have any ideas for themes, or any other suggestion ill be more than happy to hear from you. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and of course on Flickr.
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Brooke's work always amazes me.

Natsumi Hayashi of YowaYowaCamera.com is still my all-time favorite.



Great, the HDR for 2012.

Elliott.G.Montello's picture

All the photos here are amazing! If you guys like these photos you may like this clip. it's an effects test I did of a girl falling upwards, it has a same sort of feel to these images.  http://vimeo.com/20928362