46.1 MP Canon EOS-3D X To Be Announced Before PhotoPlus ?

46.1 MP Canon EOS-3D X To Be Announced Before PhotoPlus ?

The Canon EOS-3D X has rumored for a long time, there are more new rumors about this big megapixel EOS.
This EOS-3D X will use a 46.1 MP sensor.
Rumors said this Canon EOS-3D will be previewed at PhotoPlus 2012 in New York City between October 24 – October 27, 2012.

Here are some rumored specs about this camera:
46.1 MP
5 frame per second
Dual DIGIC 5+
ISO: 50 – 12800
16 bit
AF: Same as 1DX

via - www.cameraegg.com

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i`ve been waiting for this one... maybe for the first time i can jump off my markiii eos 1ds.

Lol, yeah, Eye Control. I also had sex with Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom. 

You did???  LOL

Young Eartha or Old Eartha?

Community. =]

Why are there no comments regarding the little "eye control" label in the lower right hand corner???  I thought Canon gave up on this many years ago...

lol damn 46mp wow

no one noticed the 40mm 1.2L


Did anyone else notice that It has a 40mm 1.2 L lens? It might just have been photoshopped but that could be another give away to canon's new gear.

That's the first thing I noticed.

50 iso

Priced between 50-12,800 USD..

this pic has been around the web for years already

What the point of medium formats now ??? lol

same as the past 6 month. It looks good and some clients just hire medium because of branding and looks more than the actual result. A behind the scenes movie looks way better with a long haired sexy photog with a medium format than a pale canon guy taking awesome pics...true stoy. 

film or sensor size is still a big deal. No matter how many MP camera manufacturers cram into 35mm size sensors, MF will always have the upper hand on quality because of pixel micron size. I'd much rather shoot a 30mp MF back then a 46mp 35mm...  Also the sensor size effects depth of field, hence MF glass being slower (among other reasons).

very true, and you also get less distortion with an 80mm lens instead of equivalent 50mm for FF. But for some stuff 35mm AF and ISO kicks medium ass. ;) 

There's no doubt the little sensors kick MF's ass in some regards 

If this is true and >= 4000 usd I am making the move. I have been in love with nikon for long but I am feed up with slow af on the primes and no af at 1.2....But I will probably just get the D800 and be the happiest man in the world. 

I would expect this body to drop somewhere in the 10k range...

I'm betting that the price > the max ISO....ittybitty pixels -> more noise.

Cant imagine 46MP with 16bit in 35mm.. Amazing technology!!

Have Canon any knowledge of this camera?

How come Canon rumors are always wrong and Nikon rumors are always right?