Canon to Release the EOS RiP With Vertical 5:4 Sensor for Instagram Influencers

Canon to Release the EOS RiP With Vertical 5:4 Sensor for Instagram Influencers

Rumors are circulating that Canon is going to launch a version of the EOS RP with one killer feature when it comes to producing content for Instagram: a vertical sensor with a 5:4 ratio.

Until now, Instagram photographers have had to be content with the onerous task of turning their camera sideways and imagining bits chopped from the top and bottom or heavily cropping landscape images in post. This new camera is expected to be called the EOS RiP, and its portrait-orientation sensor will allow photographers to produce Instagram-ready content more efficiently.

"Social media content producers need validation," one Canon source is quoted as saying, "and we felt that traditional camera formats were creating a barrier. No longer will you have to cover parts of your camera's LCD screen with gaffer tape in order to enable your creative vision."

Files will be perfect for Instagram's 1,080 x 1,350 pixel format without the need for editing. While Instagram supports square and landscape images, portrait images generate better engagement, as they make best use of screen real estate on mobile devices.

The Canon EOS RiP Instagram bundle may save you more than $300 but it will still cost you your self respect.

If rumors prove correct, the RiP will be available as part of various "influencer bundles." As well as a spare LP-E17 battery and a blower brush, the entry-level kit will include a yellow anorak, a string of fairy lights, and ten thousand obviously fake followers.

The most expensive bundle will feature a wide-brimmed hat that must always be held to the head with one hand, a canoe that you don't know how to use, and a classic white Land Rover Defender that clearly belongs to someone else. Those with deep pockets will have the option to bolt on an Icelandic waterfall, although installation is not included.

The "RiP Elite Influencer" bundle.

This is not the first modified version of an existing camera that Canon has released. A few months ago, the Japanese manufacturer released the EOS Rg, a modified version of the EOS R developed specifically for those looking to photograph food. It incorporated an optical IR cut filter in front of the sensor for photographing gastronomical phenomena with utmost clarity.

Are you an Instagram content producer looking to optimize your workflow? Will you be looking to buy the EOS RiP? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

A shout out to Andrea Pizzini of SonyAlphaRumors for inspiring this article with this Instagram post.

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This has to be a joke....


Fritz Asuro that was slick

Nice one, so used to rick rolling myself

Fritz Asuro I think you just won comment of the month. I'm still cracking up! Lol

If I'm telling me that people are using vertical video cause they can't hold their phone the right way, do you think I'm joking?

sensor is vertical but back screen to check the image is horizontal !?

aprils fool in january?!

This is the Announcement,
Released in April First.
You can already reserve one, just send me your credit card details and IG account...


Dude, this was my initial reaction!

HAH! Savage.

Fujifilm GA645 did this (obviously not for Instagram) so I don't think it's that weird.

Olympus and others did the same in half frame 35. Didn't make it useful though.
A simple aspect ratio option would be the solution.

The Bronica RF did, too.

I had the GA645 and loved it. Regret that I sold it but yea, it defaults to portrait.

Interesting! I do not care for vertical video, but it might work well for vertical photography. I'd love to see a system with a rotating sensor - like the Mamiya RB/RZ-system.

I think it can be done with every camera.

why rotate the sensor when you can just have a square sensor and crop the frame you want

That would work, too, as long as the EVF was able to display in the selected aspect ratio and orientation (which I assume they could do pretty easily). Because it's hard to compose in square, for cropping later. At least for me (I shoot a lot of 6x6 in film). But not having to ever, ever rotate the camera is SO nice.

I'd love a square sensor, but it's more realistic to see a 'standard sensor' in a new configuration.

OH GREAT! Now I have to by a 4 camera harness. Gotta have my short and long lenses and my vertical and horizontal cameras.

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(But it is not visible).

Sounds good to me. I take a lot more photos in portrait orientation, and have felt this was needed in a digital camera for a long time now. Why should every single body cater to landscape-orientation shooters who want the wider aspect ratio? Until now, only film cameras like the PenF, FUJI 645 and Bronica RF offered it, and those are rather exotic finds (well maybe not the Fuji). It's about time at least one measly digital body offered it. And yes, my sore shoulder and I know very well you can turn a digital body on its side and waste all those pixels I bought. But that doesn't make it right.

But that's literally what battery grips are for. You can already switch from landscape to portrait effortlessly with one.

Canon's going to have to start holding Sony style influencer camps. :-P

Please please please tell me that everyone realizes this is a (great!) joke!!!! Otherwise RiP Fstoppers!! lol

I just think it's funny that a standard vertical orientation has been done many times.

EVF its small it can be vertical... What about the screen it doesn't helps a lot.


I'm not kidding. I hate the 3:2 format especially for vertical images. And it drives me crazy that my Sony A7 III can't be set to crop to anything but 3:2 or 16:9.

Plus, you pay for all those pixels you crop out (ie, waste).

Are we paying per pixel on our photos now? One of the reasons people advocate for high resolution sensors is to the ability to crop without a significant degradation in quality.

try m4/3 for vertical shots, they are very satisfying

Even in mft I often crop images in 4:5 format.

I personally love the 4:3 format in vertical aspect but i prefer the more conventional 3:2 for horizional composition!

so you just ripped this off?? ok.neat. pretty low hanging fruit but congratulations on your click.

He RiPped it off. lol. Woosh!

Additionally, the RiP produces image files with 1,200 embedded "LIKES", up from the previous version's paltry 400.

If it was truly for instagrammers, wouldn't they put the LCD screen and the lens on the same side of the camera so people could just pucker and take photos of themselves all day long?

Gonna wait for the RiP 90, where the sensor can rotate 90°
I actually do like this idea, portrait photographers would probably be very happy with this.
I also wouldn't mind if they made left handed bodies, so I could shoot more efficiently with two cameras.

EOS Rest in Peace?

Rotate in Peace

Laugh it up if you will, but this is brilliant initiative on Canon's part to tap into a market dominated by smartphones. I hope it's successful.

The way you wrote that, it seems like you don't realize this is a big joke - a made-up camera with made-up specs to give us something to laugh about. Please don't tell me you thought this was real :)

By the way, I, too, am another Tom :)

My Canon Demi has a vertical sensor.... err... film. Maybe the vertical 4x5 format is due for a resurgence.

Jokes apart, a "more squared" format would be cool since the diagonal of the sensor for the same amount of sensor area ends up being shorter and, thus requiring less correction far from the center of the image.

Sony A7R IV has setting for 4:3 and 1:1 aspect ratios

I'm not sure what to believe... this has to be a joke, but the more I think about it, the more I think it could actually be a viable product... not on the technical merits or the novel idea, but the fact that most IG "influencers" are that stupid.

Biggest question I have - will they include an extended grip/battery so I can shoot in landscape? er... normally?

So, now you guys are getting paid to write unfunny shitposts?

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