9 Things to Think About Before Buying Your First Video Camera

Buying your first camera is certainly an exciting time, but it is also a significant investment and one that should be considered very carefully before you pull out your credit card. If you are thinking about purchasing your first video camera and need a bit of advice on how to go about it, this excellent video tutorial will give you nine tips to help ensure you do not experience any buyer's remorse down the road. 

Coming to you from Cinecom.net, this great video tutorial will give you nine tips to help you buy your first video camera. No doubt, in between hybrid cameras, cinema cameras, camcorders, and more, there is a huge variety of choices nowadays. As the video details, one important thing to remember is that when you buy your first camera, you are not just buying the camera, you are buying into an entire system of lenses and more. As such, it is crucial to look past the camera body and ensure that the lenses and accessories that go with it are also the most desirable and compatible with the work you will be doing, as it can be very time-consuming and expensive to switch systems once you are heavily invested. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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