Is This an Affordable, Modern Bokeh Monster?

Could an f/1.25 75mm for mirrorless cameras (albeit with an adaptor currently) and the Leica M be the next go-to bokeh monster in the industry?I've owned several lenses dubbed "bokeh monsters" over the years. From vintage primes with lots of blades to more modern creations. Though I don't see bokeh as something overly exciting these days, fast prime lenses with singular results do prick my ears up.

7artisans are a bit of an enigma to me at the moment. They keep releasing interesting, fast prime lenses for far below the industry average price. What's more, the hands-on videos I see of them — like this one by Mattias Burling — are impressive.

They're simple in design and functionality, which appeals to me in a strange way, but so far they seem to be reasonably strong optically. I need to get a hands-on, but it's certainly not bad. And yet the prices of their lenses are astonishing. This 75mm f/1.25 for Leica M is less than $500 and that's about the most expensive they seem to do. There is a brand new 25mm f/1.8 manual focus lens for $100 brand new.

Is this company another flash in the pan or an example of how China is creating strong gear for a fraction of the price we're used to?

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