Apparently Phase One Backs Can Take The Weight Of An Elephant, Hasselblad Can't

Don't you hate it when your camera can't stand up to the weight of your pet elephant stepping on it? Ya me too, that's why I only buy Phase One (I mean I will after I win the lottery). Although this stupid test is fairly impressive, I would much rather see a drop test, as that will be the real issue for photographers and the durability of their gear.

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Jaron Schneider's picture

I hate it when giant creatures step on my gear. 

Oh wait. That never happens. 

Laura Eliza's picture

That made me cringe. And I'm not sure what it proved. I'm with other people, I would love to see a drop test.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Oh my. When is enough enough?

Like an adrenaline addiction... 

1. First: vision, intriguing composition and classic lighting are not enough of a jolt. 

2. Then it's an overflow of megapixels that must satisfy the fix when 10, 12 or even 24 no longer do the trick.

3. When the excitement wears thin, bring in an elephant.

4. And of course the final iteration will be to switch to a naked elephant (err, wait...)

Bas ter Beek's picture

They'd better had given the money used to buy these cameras to the people who need in in Africa.... 

Roeland Van de Velde's picture

Yeah, let's waste some equipment to a completely useless purpose.  As if we don't consume enough as it is.  Sorry, this kind of stuff makes me sad.  FWIW...

Robert Simpson's picture

Does this mean B&H will start selling Elephants?

Chris Duarte's picture

Is it just me... or did the elephant get told to try a little harder on the poor Hasselblad

Anonymous's picture

Let's see you leave a Phase One DF body and Schneider lens attached to the digital back and see what happens to them under the old elephant foot...

I like how they crush a (probably defective) Hasselblad back and then in the end of the video the photographer is using the Phase One Digital Back with a Hasselblad H system. You couldn't even convince the guy to use your own camera just for your promo video?

Chris Quijano's picture

16000ft feet drop test would be great. haha.

Anonymous's picture

Well here is a drop test of a P+ back from a moving car if you like ->

Patrick Hall's picture

I'd like to see them put it through the "Jerrit Test" and have it still work

Anonymous's picture

Watching videos where people crush or destroy gear that I will never be able to afford, only makes me sad. What does it prove? That you are so rich, you can destroy a Hasselbad for fun? Not cool.

Hm i dont really like that whole "bashing the competition" thing. And how often does it happen, that something over .. let's say 20 kg ... sits on your gear? Some "real" tests with things that could really happen would be nice though.

Gus Munoz's picture

How about banning any more stupid videos like this and actually get on with what Fstoppers is supposedly about. Photography tips, photography lighting, photography anything but this crap ! 

Leave this stupidity were it belongs. On youtube.  

Slowly loosing my mojo for Fstoppers.

Drew Morris's picture

Actually, It could have been better if they had fixed both backs to the noses of two private luxury jets, and then ramped two extreme luxury cars at 120mph right at them so that we had TWO head on collisions of luxury car vs luxury jet. Of course filming it at the highest frame rate possible so we can see a super slowmo of it. That would really make me happy. This was awesome. Keep it up.

Valentin Sama's picture

This is really stupid and tricked: one thing is to step up (Phase One), and another very different is to step and roll on (Hassel)...

That was very sad :-(, poor and unfortunate people such as myself could have used that camera.

Dwayne Campbell's picture

It's amazing! I struggle to keep current with my basic equipment and these guys waste units that cost 20 30 and $40k. God bless u guys! SMH!

Anto Vega's picture

Some of you readers take yourself's to seriously. I'm sure that Hasselblad back was defective. Chill out and enjoy mindless videos.