A Beautiful Look at the Assembly Process of a Leica Camera

Leica might be the most polarizing camera brand among photographers, but I think most will agree that they're beautifully crafted machines. This lovely short film goes behind the scenes, giving an inside look at the manufacturing process and what goes into making a Leica camera.

The Leica M10 is a beautiful camera, and thank goodness shooting rangefinders gives me a headache, else I might find myself trying to justify purchasing one. And no matter which side of the Leica is brilliant/overrated argument you fall on, the precision manufacturing and aesthetic quality of the instrument is hard to deny. This short film from Richard Seymour documents the assembly process in Wetzlar, Germany. I have to admit that for a camera that is so famous for its precision, I was rather surprised by just how much hand assembly goes into the process, and it makes the final product all the more impressive to me. The entire thing is very futuristic and really gives one an appreciation for how intricate a machine a camera is. Also, given the extremely sterile conditions of the lab, I couldn't help but wonder what happens if someone has to sneeze. Surely, there must be a sneezing procedure. 

[via PetaPixel]

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Elan Govan's picture

meticulous attention to design details.

Spy Black's picture

That's how they're assembled, anyway. When the camera crew left, the robots came back out and got back to work...

Andrew Ashley's picture

I fall into the later segment considering my attitude towards Leica, but I applaud them for their marketing genius in carving out a segment of the high end market that has managed to sustain them this far. I just wonder for how long the camera as fashion accessory market will last? They are "old" so they have that going for them, and I would be more inclined to purchase one of their older film cameras (thought I still hold onto hope that one of my relatives has one in a closet somewhere they would be willing to permanently lend me)... I used to be amazed that people actually bought the "magical sauce" marketing, but given recent events, I am no longer surprised... just google, "leica has that special something"... a soul, passion brand, specialness, something special about the way it captures light [omg, kill me now], Leicaphilia... sigh. I worry for our world.

Anonymous's picture

Premium brand porn. Meh.

Fritz Asuro's picture

And still got myself a D850 ..... *nikon sound*