B&H Announces Deep Discounts on a Ton of Camera Gear

B&H Announces Deep Discounts on a Ton of Camera Gear
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Henry Thibault's picture

These prices are nothing special for the items I am familiar with. Why do you pretend that they are?

Johnny Rico's picture

He wants you to click on his referral link and buy so they can make $$$.

davidlovephotog's picture

None of these will be save you when the zombies come.

Eric Ventress's picture

True, but with a mirrorless camera you could take some great shots of the zombies without alerting them to your presence.

g coll's picture

Pentax 6x7. No zombie will survive that!

Marc Perino's picture

Does Eye-AF work with zombies?🤔

al bagden's picture

Sony has a new firmware release due next week that supports zombie eye-af and face detection.

Marc Perino's picture

Great. I thought I was unprepared for the "World War Z" and "Zombieland 2" zombies.
On the other hand if it's zombies from "The Walking Dead" I guess my eye-AF on my Z7 might hold up.

Christian Fiore's picture

Depends. Are any eyes left?

super steel_'s picture

with a huge recession coming, I think its going to take more then a bit of a discount for refurbed items to sell when people are in survival mode. some may bite, but on the whole, people will just drool and pass

David Schloss's picture

While the value in these deals is questionable, they're not refurbs.

super steel_'s picture

my bad...the nikon ones I was looking at are.

these prices arent special and tempting at all. I give it time where the recession will kick in and they will all lower their prices and throw in extras to get people to buy.

J W's picture

Canon EF 100-400 for $1799? So price reduced to what they’ve been selling at from most other retailers for a year or more? Smoking deal. I imagine the other “discounted” prices are pretty standard as well.

Marcin Chabros's picture

certainly.... Canon RP was 999$ for a body pretty much a week after they released the camera...