Bored With Photography: Now What?

It happens to all of us at, doesn’t it? Boredom! Even photography can become boring from time to time. So, how do you break out of those doldrums? If you’re in of these cycles, perhaps Kai W has some advice that can help you.

I take pleasure in my photography, because it provides me a way to experience new adventures and to experience things I may not be able to without my camera. I also enjoy the challenge and problem-solving that comes along with photography, especially when it is related to lighting. Yet, there always seems to be periods when my interest wanes and things just don’t seem that interesting.

If you have been photographing for any significant period, most likely, this has happened to you. Kai W recently posted this video where he addresses the topic and some ways that he has used to get himself out of periods of low interest. Of course, one way that Kai mentions and one that I have used myself is the purchase of a new piece of equipment. Not only does the excitement of new gear typically increase my interest again, but depending on the gear, it also can give me new challenges and possibilities. But buying your way out of a low period of interest isn’t the only way. Kai has numerous other suggestions, some that I’ve used myself. Remember, whether you do photography for a hobby or a business or perhaps somewhere in-between, we all got into photography for the fun, and it should remain fun. Don’t let a period of low interest stop you from finding some new and exciting.

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