Breaking News – New Fuji X-T1 Images Leaked

Breaking News – New Fuji X-T1 Images Leaked

The first ad for the new Fuji X-Series camera, the X-T1, greeted Japanese commuters today. As they were picking over the detail, a host of leaked images showed up online simultaneously, which provided unequivocal proof that this was the much discussed and touted X-T1. If all these specs stack up, this camera looks set to cause quite a stir.

The X-T1 is the first weather sealed, retro SLR/Fujica-styled camera body in the X-Series line up. This is interesting, as the previous X-Series line up until now has featured only rangefinder-styled designs, with the viewfinder on the left of the camera body - great for us right eye dominant shooters, not so good for those with a dominant left eye.

Japanese newspapers running first print ad of new X-T1 Japanese newspapers running first print ad of new X-T1


Slightly more legible in this blown up shot Slightly more legible in this blown up shot


Patrick, owner of Fujirumors, a site well regarded as breaking news ahead of official Fuji announcements, has a number of trusted and/or anonymous sources which have provided the following info on the X-T1 (note – this is third party information, so may not be 100% accurate, please take with a grain of salt until officially confirmed by Fuji):

  • announcement January 28th
  • bigger (x77 magnification) and better (high performance) EVF
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP)
  • support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed
  • dual SD-Card slot)
  • 8fps with AF tracking
  • weather sealed body
  • tilt screen
  • SLR-type (Fujica) design
  • name: X-T1
  • WiFi
  • ISO  up to 51200
  • smaller than the X-E2
  • 18-55 kit lens
  • 18-135 will be weather sealed
  • in stores mid-February
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line
  • priced at 180,000 yen or $1,800
  • latest pricing info rumors (as of 1/21/14) put the body only price around 1200 Euro / possibly $1300 (going on the unscientific pricing model for the XE-2 Euro to Dollar conversion, currently about 1:1.1)
  • 00
  • additional battery grip
  • faster AF then X-E2


Apparently the X-T1 is even smaller than the XE-2 (which is, honestly, a very small and compact body anyway). The fact it’s weather sealed is great, and it will be interesting to see how the X-T1 performs when we get our hands on it. It has the now-somewhat-standard ISO dial, aimed squarely at the analogue-retro crowd.

Curiously, if the pricing info is accurate, it seems more expensive than what most were anticipating, which was a price point somewhere between the XE-2 and X-Pro 1. Updated pricing rumors circulating today seem to put the price point closer to 1200 Euro/$1300 body only, which is more in line with what was expected). I’m sure this will be clarified soon enough, again treat this as speculation until confirmed by Fuji.

A whole slow of leaked images showing the camera can be seen below. More details over from Patrick and the guys at, where you can stay up to date on all the latest.






Stayed tuned as we bring more details ahead of the X-T1’s official announcement next week, and it’s release next month.

Via [Fujirumors]

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Previous comments
David Geffin's picture

updated pricing - rumor as of today puts this at about $1200 body only (again - this is speculation and rumor).

Ahmad Al-Joboori's picture

Yeah mate, although some said it will be 1200 Euros

Morgan Moller's picture

I'm really curious about the EVF as well. It does look friggin' huge which would be awesome.

Andrew Chavis's picture

just take my money already. Must resist the urge...

Estuardo Salazar's picture

I can't wait until they release a full frame retro camera with the ISO low light performance of the nikon Df, that would be the best camera ever made! sitting and waiting!

Morgan Moller's picture

Either way, in the near future it won't be Fuji. They have stated and restated (recently) that DX is good enough for them and that 16MP is really more than enough for the moment. Can't say that for 85% I don't agree with them. For their targeted market, it really IS enough...They are not chipping away at PhaseOne's clients.

Arnold Newman's picture

I guess I'll provide the voice of dissent. I HATE these retro cameras. Why make a state-of-the-art body look like a clunky 80s relic? I didn't get it with the OM-D. I don't get it with this thing either. Makes me wonder if the folks who love this design aesthetic weren't around when the originals existed.

Morgan Moller's picture

Unlike the Nikon Df, the reason with Fuji is functionality. The design is a result of the technology. With the Nikon it's the inverse. Those guys just don't get it. The reason behind the fuji design is that those old retro cameras as you say were just a lot smaller than what we are used to today. Today's camera bodies needed to be this big because the technology did not allow camera manufacterers to incorporate today's technology in those bodies due to size restrictions. Now however, technology has evolved and we can get today's quality in yesterday's size.
The fact that all those shutterspeed/iso/aperture/ev dials are used is like i said functionality. It keeps you from having to enter menus each time you want to access a setting. You associate it with old retro cameras but its really just functionality.

Morgan Moller's picture

If it really comes out at 1200EUR they will have hit a home run. Add one 90mm portrait lens and they target a whole new potential user base like myself who are tired of Nikon/Canon and want to make the switch but won't as long as there's no good portrait lens. The other issues we had seem to be adressed with the weather sealing/fantastic EVF/double card slot and optional battery grip. Well done Fuji, well done.

David Geffin's picture

how about the 56mm f1.2 (85mm f1.8 equivalent on the Fuji)? Just about to be released next month.

Morgan Moller's picture

Although it looks like an amazing lens, the focal length just doesn't cut it. I'd like something like a real 85/90/105/135/180 (whatever, I'm not complicated) lens, that would give me the corresponding longer focal length. For portraits, there really isn't enough lens compression with teh 56/60 at the moment. A minimum of 85 would take care of that.

David Geffin's picture

Morgan, that 56mm on the Fuji bodies IS an 85mm :) You'll get the same focal length with it as if you put your 85mm lens on your full frame body.

Morgan Moller's picture

Dave, I'm well aware that it's a equivalent 85mm. However, I'd like a real 85mm lens, to get an equivalent focal lenght of 127mm approx. The difference in lens compression between 85 and 127mm is huge, and the equivalent 85 just doesn't cut it :)

David Geffin's picture

ahh ok - i thought you were after an 85 equivalent, didn't realize you were looking for more like a 130 etc.

Nice street work by the way, just saw your site! :)

Morgan Moller's picture

No, I'm really looking for a fast prime that gives me that 100+ equivalent focal length! Thanks for the compliment, just a beginner in street photography though :)

Ahmad Al-Joboori's picture

Dave, the focal length will be 56 on any format you mount the lens on, you'll not get a compression of 85 unless you use 85, on the other hand the field of view will be the same with 85mm on full frame sensor.
but if you wanna use it for portrait you still get big stretched noses :)

David Geffin's picture

Not sure i follow you completely, but that 56mm on the cropped Fuji bodies will give you a focal length and associated compression as well as field of view of the equivalent of a full frame camera with an 85mm lens.

Ahmad Al-Joboori's picture

Try to put two subject equal in size behind each other and shoot them with different focal lengths, on both sensors the compression will be the same, field of view will be different of course. The same applies to human face where nose is closer to your camera than ears.
If you wanna take head shots and your favorite FL let's say 135mm, you should use the same 135mm on both sensors to get the same compression, but on APS-C you have to take few steps back where sometimes the lens's sweet focal distance will be off.

Bernd Evers's picture

Would like to like the camera, but Fuji needs a better flash system (like Nikon has or Olympus) - a remote function via masterflash on the camera. Nice would be shutter speed of 1/8000.

Bernd Evers's picture

I would like to switch fron Nikon FF to fuji. But the fuji flash system is a mess. I would like a flash systems like nikon or olympus hat - with a masterflash on the camera. Nice would be 1/8000, too.

TRON !'s picture

If they made leaf shutter lenses for the X-T1, i'd strongly consider saying goodbye to all of my Canon gear.