Breaking News – New Fuji X-T1 Images Leaked

Breaking News – New Fuji X-T1 Images Leaked

The first ad for the new Fuji X-Series camera, the X-T1, greeted Japanese commuters today. As they were picking over the detail, a host of leaked images showed up online simultaneously, which provided unequivocal proof that this was the much discussed and touted X-T1. If all these specs stack up, this camera looks set to cause quite a stir.

The X-T1 is the first weather sealed, retro SLR/Fujica-styled camera body in the X-Series line up. This is interesting, as the previous X-Series line up until now has featured only rangefinder-styled designs, with the viewfinder on the left of the camera body - great for us right eye dominant shooters, not so good for those with a dominant left eye.

Japanese newspapers running first print ad of new X-T1 Japanese newspapers running first print ad of new X-T1


Slightly more legible in this blown up shot Slightly more legible in this blown up shot


Patrick, owner of Fujirumors, a site well regarded as breaking news ahead of official Fuji announcements, has a number of trusted and/or anonymous sources which have provided the following info on the X-T1 (note – this is third party information, so may not be 100% accurate, please take with a grain of salt until officially confirmed by Fuji):

  • announcement January 28th
  • bigger (x77 magnification) and better (high performance) EVF
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP)
  • support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed
  • dual SD-Card slot)
  • 8fps with AF tracking
  • weather sealed body
  • tilt screen
  • SLR-type (Fujica) design
  • name: X-T1
  • WiFi
  • ISO  up to 51200
  • smaller than the X-E2
  • 18-55 kit lens
  • 18-135 will be weather sealed
  • in stores mid-February
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line
  • priced at 180,000 yen or $1,800
  • latest pricing info rumors (as of 1/21/14) put the body only price around 1200 Euro / possibly $1300 (going on the unscientific pricing model for the XE-2 Euro to Dollar conversion, currently about 1:1.1)
  • 00
  • additional battery grip
  • faster AF then X-E2


Apparently the X-T1 is even smaller than the XE-2 (which is, honestly, a very small and compact body anyway). The fact it’s weather sealed is great, and it will be interesting to see how the X-T1 performs when we get our hands on it. It has the now-somewhat-standard ISO dial, aimed squarely at the analogue-retro crowd.

Curiously, if the pricing info is accurate, it seems more expensive than what most were anticipating, which was a price point somewhere between the XE-2 and X-Pro 1. Updated pricing rumors circulating today seem to put the price point closer to 1200 Euro/$1300 body only, which is more in line with what was expected). I’m sure this will be clarified soon enough, again treat this as speculation until confirmed by Fuji.

A whole slow of leaked images showing the camera can be seen below. More details over from Patrick and the guys at, where you can stay up to date on all the latest.






Stayed tuned as we bring more details ahead of the X-T1’s official announcement next week, and it’s release next month.

Via [Fujirumors]

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Pretty cool. Now somebody has to make a FF for around $2000... :-)

Jon Sharman's picture

I read an article with someone from Fuji a few days ago (a VP I think) saying they had no plans to get into the full-frame market, that the image quality feedback they were getting was so good that they don't see the need. I think I agree.

Depends on how you shoot. The APS-C is OK, but I prefer FF. I wasn't implying however that Fuji should be the one to make that camera.

Jon Sharman's picture

Oh I agree, I shoot FF and prefer it too. But the IQ I get from my X-E2 isn't a MILLION miles behind what I get out of my D800 - the AF speed and accuracy isn't in the same ballpark though. I'd much prefer Fuji put their money and effort into improving things like that - AF speed + accuracy, dual card slots, etc - than create a FF camera with the same shortcomings. The Sony A7 is a good example - it's a flippin beaut, and the IQ is fantastic, but there's no way I'd trust it to consistently AF accurately in low light.

Actually, if Nikon simply sold the Df for the $2200 it should have cost in the first, the deed would have been done. :-)

Jon Sharman's picture

Yes, and if my aunt had testicles she'd be my uncle.

Jon. Thank you. I'm going to use this line some day. Pure amazing.

Jon Sharman's picture

Haha, you're very welcome! It's my favorite response when someone just throws a "yeah but IF" argument into a conversation.

RUSS T.'s picture

Didn't sony try a FF camera for under 2k and it was a flop? A850 if I remember right?

isn't the Sony A7 a FF and under 2k? and doing really well?

Eh, no .. its a flop, Sony actually regrets producing it.

Jason Vinson's picture

sony regrets producing the A7?!

It's not a retro camera. We're talking retro here.

Well, A) it wasn't a retro-style camera and B) Sony didn't have the kind of traction in the camera industry that they have today.

Sony cameras look good, but they only have big, expensive and slow lenses.

Depends on which lenses you're looking at. There's no doubt they're definitely improving their game however. If they keep going at the rate they're going, and Nikon and Canon remain asleep at the wheel, Sony stands a good chance to usurp them.

true Eric, which makes me wonder how the heck Leica managed to make small fast FF lenses

Zach Ashcraft's picture

Canon 6D?

It's not a retro camera. We're talking retro here.

Zach Ashcraft's picture

Ah, I see

give it another 30 years and it will become retro :)

I don't think it makes sense financially for Fuji. Their XF lenses are killer and for me, were the biggest selling point in getting the X-E2. They would have to develop a whole new series of FF lenses and that's a lot of money for a company like them to invest in.

Well, as I mentioned I wasn't implying that Fuji should make that. It was really a sarcastic remark about the Nikon Df's pricing. :-)

Sexy... very curious how it stacks up against Nikon Df and Sony A7 (knowing different sensor sizes).

David Liang's picture

Very sexy. Fuji seems to have a feel for blending retro with modern with taste.

I had a X-Pro1 for a while and was really impressed with the files it gave, compared to my ff a99. That x-trans sensor is something special.

Seems like someone at Fuji listens to buyers and gives them solid products.

David Liang's picture

It really seems that way. They do constant firmware updates, new lenses that people asked for, designs with specs people like....
It's almost like they're listening to their competitors customers, and making those products for themselves lol.

and then they can grab all those who are on the fence by simply saying: we have stuff the big boys dont care to fix. :-)

I would have liked it to have an OVF. Not that I'm retro, but it is not the same epistemologically. Really.

Well deigned, the EVF looks huge, hope it will perform better than other Fujis.
If the price is really true, I think Fuji will find a hard time selling this camera while there are amazing FF performers in the market (6D, D610, A7) around the same price if not cheaper.