Bringing Your Phone and Your Camera Together: Introducing the Innovative Pixii Rangefinder

Bringing Your Phone and Your Camera Together: Introducing the Innovative Pixii Rangefinder

A small company in France has announced the launch of a compact rangefinder camera — the Pixii — that, rather than having an LCD on the back, uses Bluetooth to instantly send jpegs to your phone, with the option to then pull across a raw file for closer editing.

Large camera manufacturers have long been criticized for failing to provide any genuine connectivity in their models and the Pixii seems to address this problem by creating a camera that offers a new level of integration. As the Pixii website states, the best screen you have is already in your pocket, so why not make use of it?

The APS-C, 12-megapixel rangefinder camera shoots 12-bit DNG files, has a global electronic shutter, is compatible with M-mount lenses, features an optical viewfinder, and has up to 8 gigabytes of internal storage. The Pixii can immediately send jpeg images to your phone via Bluetooth 5. You can then browse through photos, zoom in, check exposure and camera info, before opting to pull across the raw for editing in apps such as Lightroom. You can check out the full specifications by clicking here.

Pixii rangefinder

Prices start at €2,700. For more information, visit the Pixii website.

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Ronald Stewart's picture

Umm.. I'm not one to shut down an idea, and I won't start just now. I will say they made some interesting assumptions for those who will want to use this camera. I honestly don't know who this is targeted at. With the use of the M mount, I wouldn't have thought they would go after an APS-C size sensor. Another node for full-frame is the 12mp; full-frame would give more room to take advantage of that (similar to the sony s7s). They list the Native gain as ISO 320, programmable currently from 320 to 2500 ISO, I really wonder how it holds up. Having increased use of Bluetooth is cool. One problem is, most phones have very limited storage, having the files auto-send could be problematic depending on the user. I think simply using the phone to browse the camera would suffice, like the fuji/Canon/etc app, you could then decided which to transfer. I'm assuming this is probably an option. The overall look of the camera is cool, the price is rather high for what the specs show.

jim hughes's picture

This could be great - if it works. What I usually want to do is shoot a few, look at them on the spot, choose the one or two that I think are worthwhile, and email them to myself, so I can edit them later on the PC. Sounds simple enough in today's world, yet we get one cr@p app after another that doesn't work, or is too much hoop-jumping. I still have to go home, pull the memory card and put it in a reader.

My impression of Bluetooth is that it's too slow and too unreliable for something like this; but I'm probably out of date.

Steven Weston's picture

Bluetooth will be too slow, but that's all they have without USB 3.

jim hughes's picture

And the phone makers don't to offer a high speed interface that opens the door for camera makers. They want us locked out, giving up and using phone cameras.

Johnny Kiev's picture

Price doesn't seem too bad for a true digital rangefinder with the caveat that the quoted price is for the 8GB model, I imagine the 32GB is a bit of a hike.
I also read elsewhere that it is takes M39/LTM lenses with the appropriate adaptor which would help with the cost of glass.
If I were in a better position financially I would be ordering as I think they deserve a shot, unfortunately things are just too precarious for now.
Here's hoping they are able to push through this and become established after what feels like one of the longest incubation periods ever.

Deleted Account's picture

$3k for a 12mp crop sensor camera isn't "too bad"? Leica has a used car they'd like to sell you for 10k...I mean, used lens.

Minion Blob's picture

Not going to comment on the Pixii but the automatic BT file transfer of JPEG files should be a built-in feature on all modern bodies like my A7RIV. Instead we get Sony’s “Transfer to Computer” that harkens back to the 1990s. If I’m sitting by my computer might as well plug in the USB-C cable and transfer everything to LR or whatever.

JJ Casas's picture

Anything made in/after 2020 needs USB-C. Please.

Ivan Lantsov's picture

much money for toy

Daniel McAvoy's picture

You can pretty much already do this with a Canon, it's nothing new.

Sam Hood's picture

I've been doing this for years with my Canon 6D Mk1!

Nathan Dana's picture

They had me, right up to the price. As I was reading I was thinking that would be a fun toy for $500. Not for $3200. A used Leica M9 is in that range and a way better camera.

Ryan Wilson's picture

See, What camera companies need to do is make it so your phone is the literal screen for the camera. Meaning, the camera is a physical dock for the phone. Screw BT. A hard connection is where it’s at. Then, the camera could use the processing power of the phone as well. Not to mention all of the other cool “2020” stuff we could then do. Imagine editing a photo BEFORE you activate the shutter. Let the phone handle the software and let the camera handle the hardware as ONE complete device.

Looks like we are getting closer to that though.

Steven Weston's picture

But the better digital cameras already are one complete device with an EVF screen plus buttons and dials. The exception is remote camera operation and that needs Wifi. BT is too slow, even BT5, for real time operations.

The price of this gimmick camera is absurd. I think it will fail in the marketplace.

Deleted Account's picture

I feel like this product is literal satire of camera buying habits. $3k for a 12mp crop sensor camera - I mean, maybe 15 years ago?