Broncolor Announces the Scoro WiFi and BronControl for Desktop

Broncolor Announces the Scoro WiFi and BronControl for Desktop

The Broncolor Scoro was initially released in 2012 by the Swiss flash manufacturer. Five years later, they introduce a new release of the high-end power pack and it’s called the Scoros S WiFi/RFS2. Along with it, the bronControl app is made available for Mac and PC to make remote control of your units easier than ever.

The new Scoro S WiFi doesn’t come with revolutionizing specs, it only adds Wi-Fi allowing for remote control from any Wi-Fi capable iOS, Android, MacOS, or Windows device. It will be available in both 1,600 Ws and 3,200 Ws as well as E and S versions, with the exact same features as the previous units, including ECTC for the most accurate and consistent color temperature possible, a t0.1 of up to 1/10,000 s, adjustable color temperature, and also a blazingly fast recycling time as low as 0.02 seconds. For the full specs of the new units, be sure to visit Broncolor website.

If you are a Scoro 3200S/E or 1600S/E owner, note that Broncolor is offering upgrades to the new Wi-Fi module and also trade-in promotions. No details in that regard is given, but you can contact your Broncolor authorized dealer to learn more about the possibilities available.

Taking advantage of this announcement, Broncolor also releases the bronControl app in version 2.0. Currently available as a beta for macOS and Windows, it will complement the possibilities already offered by the iOS and Android app. The 2.0 release will soon be available for mobile and tablets as well. For more information on the app or to download it, please visit the bronControl webpage.

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