[BTS Video] How to Use an Afghan Box Camera

Here's a fascinating video of 44-year old photographer Qalam Nabi. He is one of two street photographers left in the capital city of Kabul. The son of a street photographer himself, he started shooting at the age of eleven. Watch as he demonstrates how to use his instant camera. He does all of the developing inside the box, and repeats the process to turn the negative into a positive image. If you'd like to know how to build your own Afghan box camera or 'kamra-e-faoree,' this website will provide you with instructions.

Via: James Dimagiba


From Amy Hobbs:

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The guy looks pissed when they exchange print for money!

James Robertson's picture

Qalam Nabi shouldn't be making films..reminded me of educational school videos in the mid 90s

Amy Hobbs's picture

 If you can get past the first few seconds, it's really worth the watch :)

Chris Popely's picture

How long does the whole process take though? I was waiting for him to say!

Amy Hobbs's picture

 I don't know!  I was wondering the same thing.  But they never said.  It may be quicker than it seems.

Vincent de Vries's picture

around 5 mins. per exposure 1,5min developer, 2,5 fixer, 2 min rinsing apart from focussing and exposure of course (5sec ?). Top old school photography :) Love it!!

Watched this one a few days ago. I gotta say its one of the coolest photo related videos I've seen! What a handcraft!

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Wow great video thanx.

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One of the more interesting videos I've seen in a while... a nice reprieve from the ongoing Nikon vs Canon nonsense! Oh, and I loved the intermission; time to grab more coffee before the second half of the film.

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Very pure, a real eyeopener to all of us who yearn for the next big brand name camera. 

Reymond Padriga's picture

Very interesting and inspirational.