The Camera Gear and Settings Peter Hurley Recommends

There are few people on the planet who know as much about headshots as Peter Hurley. In this helpful video tutorial, he discusses the sort of camera gear and settings you should consider for your headshot work.

Coming to you from our friend, Peter Hurley, with B&H Photo and Video, this excellent video tutorial discusses the camera gear and settings to use for headshot work. There are a lot of different options for headshot work, and choosing what to use is often about more than your own personal preference. Of course, there are things we all care about as photographers. A good headshot lens will have qualities like excellent sharpness, reliable autofocus, and more, but you should also consider things like how you want to render your subject and how the focal length you choose will affect the look of their facial geometry; for example, there is a good reason why 85mm and 100mm are such popular choices for this work. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Hurley.

If you would like to learn more from Peter Hurley about how to take great portraits, be sure to check out our multiple tutorials with him in the Fstoppers store!

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John Nixon's picture

‘There are few people on the planet who know as much about headshots as Peter Hurley.’ What a ridiculous statement! I’m sure he’s very good but hey, it’s headshots, so are a few hundred others.

Antonio Carrasco's picture

Came to the comments to mention Peter Hurleys greatest talent is actually marketing and self promotion—and that’s not an insult. But you beat me to it.

Michael Steinbach's picture

Just another shared video to add content because they can’t create enough of their own. I have all but stopped viewing fs as it’s just synopsis’s of others work.

Deleted Account's picture

Yes. Remember the contest where they forgot to present the winners? To me, it looks like a crisis of the genre. It's not just the FS. Maybe its best time is over and the owners have turned to other interests?

Deleted Account's picture

Blah, blah, blah, blah, another completely unnecessary video. If you like big mouths, go for it.

Tundrus Photo's picture

Yup. Waxing on about how much of an ear of shoulder is out of focus - as if that make a headshot "great". This is the photographic equivalent of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.