CamRanger's New Wireless Motorized Tripod Head

CamRanger, maker of one of the must-have products that architectural photographer Mike Kelley uses on a daily basis, today announced a new set of products: the CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360 motorized tripod head. If this new product works anywhere as well as the current camera control device, we all have a reason to be excited.

Rather than try and paraphrase, here is what CamRanger has to say about the PT Hub and the MP-360:

When the CamRanger PT Hub and MP-360 are used with the CamRanger, the user can easily pan or tilt the camera from within the CamRanger app. The MP-360 can rotate 360 degrees, with unlimited rotation, and tilt a total of 30 degrees, 15 degrees up and 15 degrees down. Use to generate panoramas and motion controlled time-lapse.
Incorporate the intervalometer with automated or manual pan/tilt programing allowing for more customization.

camranger hub fstoppers

The CamRanger PT Hub will work with the existing MP-360, MP-101, Bescor, or Hague tripod heads. The CamRanger PT Hub is powered by the CamRanger. The MP-360 weighs 2 pounds with the 4 AA batteries and can support up to 6 pounds. The tilt angle of 15 degrees up and 15 degrees down can be increased with the use of a monopod head accessory. The MP-360 is powered by 4 AA batteries or via a separate AC adaptor

The MP-360 connects to the CamRanger, CamRanger PT Hub, and DSLR camera to allow wireless control of the camera and movement of the camera. To control the MP-360 tripod head from the iPhone, iPad, Android, or Mac or Windows computer the hardware setup requires a CamRanger, CamRanger PT Hub, and MP-360 (or MP-101, Bescor or Hague tripod head). The MP-360 is controlled through the CamRanger app. An additional tab within the app allows for control of the MP-360.

fstoppers MP-101-tripod-CamRanger-wireless-control

What do you think? Awesome right? You can find out more from

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an integrated device looks good.

30degrees tilt is pretty poor.. however for $200 it's still a good buy.

Andreas Feustel's picture

I can't imagine to have this brick on top of my carbon fiber painter pole.
I just bought a Canon 100D for pole photos instead of using my heavy 5DII on top of my pole.
On a sturdy tripod it might be useful in combination with my EF 8-12mm fisheye for single raw panoramas.

They should have incorporated the remote control capabilities directly in the unit, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Not horribly priced tho.

Non-integrated was the only way to keep the price down. These motorized heads have been around for quite a while. Camranger's innovation is to take an existing product and marry it to a modern wireless interface. It won't compete with the Gigapans, but for the price I think it's a great buy.

Not about to replace my Gigapan for it but for the price it's good. Wouldn't want to deal with those parallax errors though