Canon 70D to Replace 7D & 60D; 7DII to Be "Entry Level Full Frame"

Canon 70D to Replace 7D & 60D; 7DII to Be "Entry Level Full Frame"

Amidst the leaked Nikon D600 and D400 specs, we have some rumors arising from the Canon side. The Nikon D600 is being called an entry-level full frame, so it's no wonder that Canon is also ready with their foray into this market with their revamped 7DII and replacing both the 60D and the original 7D with the upcoming 70D.

Canon Watch is reporting that "the EOS 70D (expected in September for Photokina) will move upmarket regarding features. Following the rumor, the EOS 70D should replace both the EOS 7D and the EOS 60D, becoming the top model of Canon’s APS-C line-up. An EOS 70D with more pro features, better construction and increased performance. That would mean that Canon is putting the x0D line-up under a new light, after having split the line with the 60D and the 7D."

But that's not the best part. They are also reporting that "the EOS 7D Mark II (also expected for Photokina) is said to be Canon’s rumored entry-level full-frame camera."

This comes in conjunction with a story from Canon Rumors stating that Canon has 4 more DSLRs planned for 2012.

It wasn't too long ago that we were all in the mindset that full frame was only something that a select few would either need or purchase. However, given recent speculation it appears that both Canon and Nikon are set to throw that out the window.

So Canon fans, how excited are you for this year? Apparently there is a heck of a lot more spine-tingling news still to come!

[Via Canon Watch & Canon Rumors]

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I was a little jealous this morning of the Nikon news but definitely feeling a little better.  I currently shoot with a 5d classic, 50d and 60d(i bought for video...havent dont anything with it) so I would like to see what the 7d2 has to offer as im ready to upgrade to some newer bodies.  Hopefully its not too stripped down of features to make an "entry level" full frame.  Only time will tell.

I still have my 5d mrk1... Wonderful camera..

Evolution of the 5d by Ian Powell via 500px

The news that the xxD range is going up a step and the 70D could be replacing both the 60D and the 7D could be feasible, simply because of the price of the new 650D. The 650D's entry price (£699) here in the UK is currently just £50 below the 60D (£749). I know the 650D's price would drop a bit over the months, but the two are currently very close in price. The 600D is currently £499, even allowing for the price drop over time, that is quite a jump up.

While we still have the 5D MK2 (which, while it has been hugely popular and is still very capable, it is starting to get a bit "old" now), there is a huge gap between the 7D and the 5D MK3 is huge in terms of price. A full frame 7D MK2 would fill that gap nicely (as long as it is priced correctly.)

I own a 7D and I am very excited! To be honest right now lens choices are not the best for 7D this is why full fram will be amazing! I wil finnaly use lenses I want.

 You do know all the lenses you could use with a FF body fit on a 7D, right ? It's the other way around that's not quite as simple...

APS-C (7D) = EF + EF-S mount
FF (5D) = EF mount only

You do know that all the lenses that fit on both FF body and crop body will not be as wide on crop body as they will be on FF right ?

You do know that EF lenses are cropped 1.6 on 7d??? what's use 24-70 to me on 7d??? This is why ff is better more lenses without any crop.

Dumb. EF lenses are cropped 1.6 on 7d most lenses are useless too tight.

You do know that EF-S lenses are also cropped 1.6 on a 7D.  

Yes. What I meant is that EF are not usable because of the crop so you have less lens choices. Can't use 24-70 or 50mm 1.2 if u need 50mm feel u need to get 35mm 1.4 etc.

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Not my 15mm fisheye....

If you you buy the 5dIII,,, you will not be disappointed..

the wieght should be within 600 grams. I love my 550d kust for light weight. we really need light weight profesional camera.

this is getting ridiculous. I can't take all these new camera releases. 

I can see the day that most "Prosumer" level DSLRs go full frame, and left entry and mid level for good performance mirrorless cameras.

I can see the day when mirror-less cameras go full frame. :)

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Great news if it's true. I own a 7D and I've been excited to purchase my first full frame camera. 

1100D is my first pro cam...can't afford to buy 60D..

Video doesn't mean a whole lot to me, so if this new 7DII were to be full-frame with bare bones (or no) video capabilities, and instead have great still features for the average shooter, I'd be very happy.

You know, I kind of agree with this. If I want video, I'll stick with my 60D or buy a T4i. 

I wonder when the camera they announced last September will become available? ;)

given that producing FF sensors are getting cheaper this is no suprise.
i mean... that it took so long wonders me.
we are used to getting better CPUs, better SSD´s, better phones etc. etc. for less money... but FF cameras are still very expensive gear.
sure the space a FF CMOS sensor needs on a wafer is always the same.... but production nevertheless gets cheaper.

I don't get the "entry level" label. The 7D is superior to the 5D MKII with the exception of full frame.  Add full frame to the 7D... how is that "entry level"?

because it is the ENTRY to the FF world....

i think canon will then stop making 5D MK2s so there would be no other FF camera below this new model.

price defines what is entry level.

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I kinda like that the 7D is a professional camera with a crop sensor, what other company has a pro camera with a crop sensor?  Last time I looked most of the pro series where all full frame... it Canon hinting that full frame should be the standard?

as writen above the 70D will take that spot...

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Nikon's had pro cameras with the crop sensor for a long time - the D2x and the D300 both had pro-level features for their time, and are both very solidly built like all the pro bodies.

Not to be flippant, but off the top of my head, the Sigma SD1 and Pentax K-5 are both pro cameras with crop sensors.  Not to mention the Nikon D300 as Alex already noted.  

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Would LOVE a full frame body for a reasonable price.