Canon EOS M with Viewfinder to Come in 2013?

Canon EOS M with Viewfinder to Come in 2013?

Some rumors have surfaced regarding the possibility of an updated EOS M with a built-in EVF, but not until late 2013 sources say. That makes sense given the timeline release for the original M. The sources also are reporting that Canon's original reason for not including the viewfinder (stating it wasn't necessary for a mirrorless camera) was fluff, and that the real reason was that Canon lacked the tech this year.

Canon Watch is reporting that "Back when the EOS-M was launched Canon simply had not the necessarily mature tech to offer an external viewfinder for the EOS-M. But Canon is right now developing a new EOS-M camera with built-in viewfinder"

Adam Ottke and I are currently testing the EOS M that was released this year, as it was only recently available in stock. Stay tuned to Fstoppers for more information on this and other developing stories regarding the EOS M.

[Via CanonWatch via CanonRumors]

Image Render via DP Review Forums

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Great! Now we only need Canon to implement it a swivel screen and a good AF system.

Jaron Schneider's picture

A swivel screen would make this thing thicker, which I'm not sure I would like. I really do enjoy the size of it right now. 

Agree about AF. 

This is close to what I wish the Nikon 1 V1 was :/

Lee Nutter's picture

haha great mock up. I hope to hell it doesn't look like that :)

I expected a lot from this camera and was sorely disappointed. An EVF is a good start, but decent autofocus, improved responsiveness, an articulating LCD and weather sealing are important too, and I doubt we'll see much of that wish list ticked off for a few years yet.

that is so terribly ugly

Canon trying to catch up with Nikon too little too late maybe ?