The Canon EOS R1 Flagship Mirrorless Camera Is on Its Way

The Canon EOS R1 Flagship Mirrorless Camera Is on Its Way

The Canon EOS R1 has been in the pipeline for a few years now, and with the standards set by cameras like the Sony a1 and Nikon Z9, many users are excitedly waiting to see what kind of technology Canon will put in its flagship mirrorless camera. Thankfully, it looks like we're inching closer to learning just what the company will offer.

As impressive as the Canon EOS R3 is, the company has been clear that it is not their flagship mirrorless camera, as that title will belong to the EOS R1, the mirrorless analog to long-time 1D DSLR series. Canon Rumors is reporting that prototypes of the camera are now in the hands of some photographers for testing. At the moment, there is not much word on the specs of the camera, though it's reasonable to assume that its resolution will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 megapixels to match the capabilities of cameras from Nikon and Sony. 

The timing of this news is not surprising, as Canon often showcases some of their best technology at the summer Olympics, which are about nine months away. That being said, we can likely expect a development announcement before that, likely early next year, according to Canon Rumors. Hopefully, we can hear more soon! 

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Sony rumoured to announce the A1 II either late this year or early next year. Canon's first flagship mirrorless better be a beast of a camera (specs wise) considering the very long wait Canon users have had to endure.

We may see the first mirrorless camera nearing the $10,000 range!

I love how you use the word 'analog' to compare a mirror-less camera with its DSLR predecessor :-)

Sounds interesting and though I’m 100% all in with Nikon Z9’s I’m still interested in what the R1 will bring I know the AF will beat the Z9 though where Nikon is killing it is in the Z lenses
I just love having both the 400/2.8 TC and the 600/4 TC at my disposal. Canon just doesn’t have this. maybe a 100-400/4 TC or 100-500/4 TC then that may make things interesting

2024 looks to be interesting for Canon cameras and lenses.
They have the lower end FF and APS-C bodies pretty well filled out which is great.
Now let's see what lenses are introduced.
Perhaps a 600mm f5.6 L DO at $2,200 or a 200-800mm as rumored.
They really need good sealed lenses at mid level prices as well as a few more sealed lenses but in APS-C format.

Canon photographers probably have already signed NDAs for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Canon is so far behind Sony it isn't even funny anymore. Nikon (somehow) has gotten their act together and released some really impressive gear. There is only one thing the Canon could possibly offer to impress me: a global shutter.

I think for most hobbyists with Canon gear, there's more excitement for the soon to be released R5 Mark II. It's kind of akin to the IDX Mark 4 vs the 5D Mark 4. Professionals in media and journalism will purchase the R1. Many of us Canon users will upgrade to the R5 Mark II.