The Canon EOS R5 Is Getting a Major Upgrade

The Canon EOS R5 Is Getting a Major Upgrade

Recently, rumors have swirled regarding the release of the Canon EOS R5 Mark II mirrorless camera, the follow-up to the company's wildly popular EOS R5. It seems as though that release might take a bit longer than initially thought, but in the meantime, EOS R5 users will likely get to enjoy a major upgrade to their cameras' capabilities. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that the original anticipated release date of the EOS R5 Mark II of late 2023 is likely a bit earlier than what we will see, with the camera now expected to appear with the long-awaited EOS R1 in 2024. Of course, with the breakneck rate of development in the industry, many users are starting to clamor for something, and it looks like Canon will likely provide that in the form of a major firmware upgrade for the EOS R5. Many of the features in the upgrade will be borrowed from the EOS R6 Mark II and will help to keep the EOS R5 competitive in the meantime. These will include things like a pre-shooting buffer, removal of the 30-minute recording limit, new autofocus modes, and increased animal tracking capabilities.

It is also rumored that the update will include features entirely new to the company's mirrorless line, though it isn't yet clear what those were. Personally, I would love to see a high-resolution pixel shift mode, as available in many cameras from other manufacturers, but we'll just have to wait and see! 

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Whilst I'm very happy about this news, it would be nice if Canon update EOS R as well with at least intervalometer.

I’m a still shooter with R5 and can happily shoot forever with that camera with no problem at all.

From a video perspective I would love if I could shoot 6k 30fps, and an intervelometer setup like the Sony cameras that allow 4 digits in the amount shot, that tells you how long it will be shooting for. Also in that regard, medium raw would be fantastic

Pixel Shift please :-)

Sony, please look 😉 (From a Sony user)

I wonder if they can add false color through firmware for it!

The R5 is an incredible camera, but can use some tweaking when it comes to tracking birds in flight. It does great as long as all blue sky. But when the bird drops down into trees in the background the tracking is lost and then has trouble finding the bird again. If it starts out with trees as background you can pretty much forget it. I have found if you rapidly push the tracking focus button assign to a back button, it finds the bird better. Hope the new update addresses this.

Maybe clog 2 will be a dream come true 🤭

This is pretty awesome.