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Canon Goes Small With the New Mirrorless

Canon's mirrorless camera is due out Monday, but posted a photo of what promises to be this mirrorless camera. And if the picture is correct, it's quite a neat little thing -- not so bulky as these other 'semi-pro' mirrorless offerings.

The photo also gives away at least one new lens: a 22mm f2 STM -- that's the new stepping motor that I'm a little iffy about. I haven't tried an STM lens yet, but fellow FS writer Jaron Schneider gave us a peak at the 40mm f2.8 version just a while ago...and I'm not so excited about it anymore...


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Paulius Palaima's picture

I was hoping for something with a viewfinder (personal preference)...well shall see as this is a "leaked image" 

Jaron Schneider's picture

Mirrorless can't have a viewfinder, not in the traditional sense. Without a mirror, how is it supposed to bounce the image up through one? 

Josh Souza's picture

they have electronic viewfinders, a viewfinder is a viewfinder my friend

Paulius Palaima's picture

^ my point exactly. Thought wishing that they are gonna make digital rangefinder is probably too much to ask

Josh Souza's picture

Ya, you're looking at Fuji/Leica as far as that goes, and maybe the NEX-7 as a bit of rangefinder feel.. but not really happening it seems.

Since it's not an SLR, it could have one of two other types of viewfinders: tunnel (like the G series) or EVF. I was also hoping for a tunnel viewfinder.

If this is real, I think you could look at it as the EOS version of an S100. I'll wait until I see an EOS G12.

I find the lack of flash strange for Canon, this isn't a 1D... On the other hand, I think it's kinda cool that it doesn't have a built-in flash. I really hate those things. :P

Anybody else notice the Hasselblad-style strap knobs instead of the Canon-standard loops? I find this really fishy, especially on a compact camera. Really fishy...

Adam's picture

Those knobs are awesome! Instead of looping a thick fabric through a loop and locking it in as you loop it through another plastic thing a few times, you just snap in or out whenever you want to take the strap off/put it back on (if they make it the right way). I prefer those to anything strap-wise...

Malcolm Debono's picture

Maybe there's an EVF on the back, like the NEX 7 ;-)

Ben Mulligan's picture

Yeah mate, they are called SLR's

Alex Tramp's picture

No viewfinder, no built-in flash and not much external controls as far as I can see. I hope this is the entry level model...

Jaron Schneider's picture

I don't think it needs a built in flash. I can say I never use mine. I'm happy it has a hot shoe so you can add on camera or off camera flash. 

You know. If this is legit. 

Josh Souza's picture

a small pop up flash to fill in some scenarios is really nice, having a big flash on these small cameras can be a pain

Malcolm Debono's picture

While I think it's unlikely, they might have taken the Sony's approach on the NEX 5N and bundle a small extra flash since it's not often used.

It has what seems to be a wheel under the shutter button. That would suggest a pretty Rebel-like control scheme, which isn't bad.

sandervanderveen's picture

I do think it has a build-in flash, look at the nob on the right. I think if you slide it downwards, the flash opens. Other than that, it looks rather small to hold or have a good grip, but let's wait for the final outcome and then judge on that :)

Mircea Oculeanu's picture

we can't judge it based a single photo but no viewfinder makes me go hmmm :(...though the rumour goes it will come with a aps-c senzer - witch in thing la fuji x 100 make great sense...

Nicholas's picture

I'm excited for this one. I hope it performs well. I'm stoked there's a hot shoe on this camera and not a pop up flash. A tiny wireless transmitter and a off camera flash, combined with something like Lumniquest XL Softbox in a slim bag, might make a sick combination.

Nursultan Tulyakbay's picture

No "Nikon" label and no full frame sensor.

"And if the picture is correct, it’s quite a neat little thing — not so bulky as these other ‘semi-pro’ mirrorless offerings"

Olympus EPM 1 anyone....even Sigma's DP1 & 2.
Where were you since 2008? Models like that exist already by Panasonic and Olympus.... light, bulky. Amateur or semi-pro, you name it.
Canon is way late in this game, four years late, this is not news its more canon following others.


I was excited after seeing canonrumor's retro depiction of this camera .. I must say I'm dissapointed at the modern look :(

Ben Mulligan's picture

I dont understand all the whiners wanting a mirrorless, then when it is released you don't stop hearing about a viewfinder. Sheesh.

I love the look of it. I think it has a 2x crop because 22mm would be 44mm ish (about standard lens distance) or i may be wrong :-P