Canon Just Announced The C300 Video Camera To Take On The Red

Well this is quite a surprise. Canon has just announced the new C300 video camera. This camera will shoot in 4K (still unsure of frame rates) and will use NEW "Top-End EF" Zoom Lenses made by Canon. $20,000 which should compete nicely with the Red Scarlet and it plans to actually be available in January. All of the specs are still coming but if you want to see the most up to date info, head over to the Canon Hollywood Event liveblog on Engadget now!

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um I was under the assumption that it was a 4k sensor but its output was only 1080p??

True. But it does mean the detail is very well rendered and low light is better even though output is only 1080P.

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definately i assumed the picture reproduction would be fantastic but the body in this post says it will shoot in 4k which I guess is kind of true in some sense

So this camera can't even fill up a cinema screen?

quite the contrary.. Avatar was finished and delivered in 1080p
A lot of digital cinema today is finished in 1080p with a 2.35/2.40 crop. Still looks great IMO

I wonder what that second camera on that ad in the back is?

Canon also announced another 'EOS Cinema' camera which is similar to their DSLRs and does 4K.

Just checked and it said that this DSLRs is still under development.

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RED totally smashed it... Canon C300 although 4k sensor its only a 1080p camera and its $20k. RED Scarlet-X is 4k comes with a Canon Mount and everything needed to shoot for $14,000. Only downside is it does 120fps at 1k which is a bit crap. But it does 60fps at 2k

I was about to post the same thing I totally agree to add about canon's price point . They said that the price of 20 grand is for your average person . Who do you know that has 20 grand hidden under the mattress for a camera. I think red takes the cake again with the scarlet priced at 9 thousand (body only).

RED won this round I believe, but its close.. after all the expensive shit you need to buy with RED, the two cameras cost about the same.  RED may have edged out Canon on some of the specs, but there's no doubt that Canon will be a more reliable camera (REDs break all the time).  Both are a bit more than I'm looking to spend on a camera unfortunately.  If anyone here has exactly $20,000 to spend, I would advise them to buy a 5dmarkii for $2000, then spend the other $18,000 on other filmmaking equipment.  I think I'll be shooting with my 5dmkii for quite a while longer.  Good cameras though!