Canon Is Looking to Dominate All Levels of the Mirrorless Market

Canon Is Looking to Dominate All Levels of the Mirrorless Market

So far, Canon has put out some impressive mirrorless cameras and lenses, many of which have price tags to match their envelope-pushing designs. They have not entirely overlooked the budget end of the market, however, and it looks like they will be addressing it further by announcing a remarkably affordable full frame camera in 2022.

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon is readying a full frame mirrorless camera for release in 2022 with a target price of under $800. The EOS RP is currently the most affordable camera in their lineup, initially released at $1,299 and currently sitting at $999, and it is probably due for an update soon. However, for a full frame camera to be under $800 on release (and possibly under $1,000 with a kit lens) would be a remarkable achievement and would of course challenge a lot of the current pricing structure in the market, allowing photographers to choose full frame at APS-C prices. With some affordable RF lenses out there and a huge library of EF lenses available via adapter, such a camera could end up being highly popular. No doubt, there would be some compromises made to get a full frame camera to that price point, but lowering the barrier of entry for full frame to such a level would be fantastic for photographers. We'll see what 2022 brings! 

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I am definitely interested if it has a bigger battery than the RP, and a modern sensor (please Canon, don't reuse the RP's sensor). I wonder what sensor would make it into this camera. Would they recycle an existing one, or will they design a newer one?

I would guess same sensor. Cut some corners in a few areas and release it as a stripped down RP essentially. If it had a new sensor it would start to cannibalise sales from other models.

I've never understood the business theory of resistance to cannibalization of your own product. If you're not cannibalizing your own products, you're going to get eaten by the competition,not dominate it. Who's going to buy an RP when this comes out anyway? If it's helping bring down cost by not using the new sensor, I get that and not the same thing.

Yeh good call

"All Levels of the Mirrorless Market"? Laughs in mirrorless medium format

They also have a ways to go to catch up to Fuji when it comes to APS-C mirrorless cameras.

Knowing Canon, that "$800" camera would have less features than an A6000.

Not in my house they won’t.

I'd rather see a $1500-2000 APSC version with R5 like specs.

A FF at the price would be interesting if it had modern decent specs.....but at that price? It'll just be super old tech/specs I'm guessing.

I am Canon shooter for over decade just to mention, but what difference does it make to produce so cheap full frame when the lenses are twice the price unless you buy cheap RF to EF adapter and usey old lenses... Sony is doing this for quite some time. The only difference is that 3rd party companies can produce lenses for Sony... But not for Canon yet