Canon Is Planning Huge Announcements

Canon Is Planning Huge Announcements

Canon has been chugging along the last few years, releasing some impressive mirrorless cameras and lenses. It seems they have no intention of stopping, with another major announcement of multiple cameras and lenses coming soon. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon is preparing for a major announcement on May 24. This announcement will likely include two new cameras and two new lenses:

  • Canon EOS R7 mirrorless camera, with 4K 60p video, 32.5-megapixel sensor, and 15 fps mechanical burst speed (30 fps electronic)
  • Canon EOS R10 mirrorless camera (likely an entry model)
  • Canon RF-S 18-45mm f/3.5-5.6
  • Canon RF-S 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3

This news brings with it some good insight into Canon's mirrorless strategy. In particular, with the appearance of RF-S lenses, I think we can conclude that the EOS M line is likely finished. First, with the introduction of RF-S lenses, I highly doubt Canon will want to maintain three separate lens mounts. On top of that, the RF-S mount would serve as an easy gateway to the RF mount, and I doubt Canon wants to route consumers away from that pathway.

Beyond that, it is quite exciting to see that the EOS R7 is likely finally on its way, as the original 7D series was highly popular for the company, and I'm sure its mirrorless analog will be equally popular. You can read more about the EOS R7's specs on Canon Rumors. We'll see what May 24 brings! 

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Alex, thanks for writing this up yourself. I won't watch a video that you base an article on, so it's nice when your postings are original creations and not links to other people's content. And yes, I already know that you have written X amount of articles in the past.

Is Canon's big announcements that they are going to start shipping cameras, that would be nice.

Agree! They can't even get prior announced products shipped to fill orders and they keep announcing new products!

I must have missed the earlier announcement of this announcement of an upcoming announcement :D

Did you not get the memo?

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there's nothing like a new camera to bring down the price of its predecessors

what canon really needs is an RP with stabilization for the same or comparable price.

It's a great camera, does the job, and at normal shutter speeds it can't be touched for the money