Is Canon Planning to Release Another R5 That Doesn’t Overheat Early Next Year?

Is Canon Planning to Release Another R5 That Doesn’t Overheat Early Next Year?

Canon Rumors claims to have received confirmation from several sources that Canon plans to release an alternative version of its groundbreaking EOS R5 that’s better suited to videography in early 2022. What should Canon fans expect?

Once the initial excitement over the specifications of the R5 calmed down following its release, headlines were dominated by its tendency to overheat, prompting many to question why Canon chose not to incorporate better heat dissipation for those who wish to shoot 8K or 4K HQ video for sustained periods of time. According to the rumors, the R5c slated for next year will address this issue, potentially giving much longer recording times. Given that a company has already started offering a $400 modification service that may double your record times, it’s clear that Canon has options to maximize the R5’s video performance.

This could mean more than passive heatsinks: Canon Rumors suggests that it will feature “active cooling” which, one can assume, might compromise weather-sealing but could make unlimited 8K and 4K HQ recording a possibility. Canon Rumors also mentions that it will have a “slightly different form factor” and offer more video codecs, as well as a full-size HDMI port — all welcome additions for videographers.

Canon Rumors also reports that the announcement was due at NAB in October this year but has been pushed back to the first quarter of 2022.

Would you buy an R5 that's better suited to video? Does this alternative version explain why Canon decided not to include better heat management in the R5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Simon Hartmann's picture

This could be an interesting camera for sure…but i doubt theyll put in a better ADC and CLOG2 to actually make the dynamic range competitive. For the overheating alone it doesnt seem worth it…8k RAW is to niche for me personally, and the Clog3-Material isnt pro level

Robert Nurse's picture

But no R5s: "s" for Stills.

Christian Fiore's picture

Sounds like what Nikon did to the Z IIs: added what should have been there in the first place...