Canon R1 and R5c Leaks Suggest They Have Sony and Nikon in Their Sights

There have been some incredible cameras released this year and the leaked information on some upcoming release from Canon suggest it's about to get better. So, what gaps are the Canon R1 and R5c intended to fill within the industry?

For a while, I was critical of Canon. Their lackluster entry into the mirrorless sector bordered on pointless and if felt that the manufacturer I had been aligned with for the best part of a decade, were no longer the best choice for my business. The number of quality of life benefits I received from switching to mirrorless for my work were too many to be ignored and I felt let down by Canon.

However, the last 12 months have been something else entirely by Canon, reminiscent of the brand I gravitated towards as a newbie. Their Canon R5 is one of the best cameras on the market and they were finally looking to lead the pack again. That said, the R5 was not without its flaws — or rather fatal flaw — if you intended to use the camera for videography. Whilst it is a hybrid camera, its flagship feature was 8K video, and infamously, that caused swift overheating.

Now, the rumored Canon R5c looks to take the great foundations the R5 has and turn it into a more video-centric body, perhaps targeting the brilliant Sony a7S III.

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Here is the thing, Canon should have asked $600 -$1000 more for the R5 and it would have sold nearly as many as it has because it attracted so many from the video crowd. They shouldn’t call the new one c while rushing to fix their big commercial coup fail as it makes the first one look like an F. Had they made a much higher pixel count R6, they could have sold many more cameras and I think they should come up with a fix there too. Lots of $ not in their pocket when they had a unique opportunity.

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“Canon R1 and R5c Leaks Suggest They Have Sony and Nikon in Their Sights”

“Leaks confirm company has it’s two major competitors in it’s sights.”

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Who else are they going to "target"? The big 3 are always trying to be the top.

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Until such time as Fstoppers stops referencing hacks like Tony Northrup, these articles are essentially pie in the sky puff pieces. Really!? How can you ref a video with 'attack' in the name? This completely degrades the value of Fstoppers as a photography information source.

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I’m really really starting to despise that word… used by both hype YouTube morons and internet bed wetting trolls who don’t like it when you give them a bit of their own medicine.

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My Christmas (of 2026) wish is a Canon R?s where the "s" stands for "Stills" where:

- the articulating screen doesn't swing out
- meter readings can be taken from the selected focusing point if desired

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Yeah, I’m not even going to bother listening to Tony. This re-share article of his rumor click bait is probably off the mark. His whole Z9 post was pretty off and he was one of the few who did not get a review unit. I see very little legitimacy in his rumor thinking.

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Trouble with YT channels like the Northrup's, in order to keep providing new videos they will eventually run out of truly useful information to present so resort to mostly opinion pieces like this video.

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Oh look, more clickbait bullshit from the two photography clickbait masters on YouTube 🤮

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In other fascinating news, child playing with bricks in mud puddle sets sights on Lego.

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Leaks suggest they will take down Pentax and FujiFilm. Should be interesting.

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Calling the overheating a fatal flaw is a drastic overstatement. If you want a camera for dedicated video shooting in 8K, you don't buy a stills camera that shoots video. You buy a Red video camera, or something similar. It was never geared towards pro 8K video shooting. It's a stills camera, first and foremost, that happens to have amazing video capabilities. I feel like There's a big difference in what professional photographers and professional critics think of a lot of cameras. It makes the critics feel disingenuous and not as good at understanding what's actually important as the people using the gear to is full ability. I'm disappointed in the major photography news outlets.