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Canon's Next Firmware Update Will Bring Some Great Upgrades and New Features

Canon shooters using the EOS R5, R6, and/or 1D X Mark III, will have reason to smile soon, as an upcoming firmware update will bring some notable improvements and new features that will make their lives easier. 

The update came from Canon UK, who announced the upcoming versions of firmware of the EOS R5 (version 1.50), EOS R6 (version 1.50), and 1D X Mark III (version 1.60), which will bring a range of new features and improvements based on feedback from early EOS R3 users.

Canon EOS R5 and R6

  • Enhanced subject recognition
  • Addition of vehicle tracking for cars and bikes
  • Improved people autofocus tracking, with better eye and face detection when subjects are wearing a mask
  • Addition of body detection
  • Ability to set a custom white balance in Live View
  • EOS R5 support for EOS VR system and RF 5.2mm f/2.8L dual fisheye lens

Canon 1D X Mark III

  • Improved head detection for subjects wearing goggles or helmets for shooting winter sports
  • Ability to use one button for simultaneous voice memo and image rating application
  • Ability to disable the Multi-Controller for FTP transfer

The new firmware versions will be available to download on December 2nd. 

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Robert Nurse's picture

Improvements are always welcome!

Ben Bezuidenhout's picture

and the EOS R?

Dan Jefferies's picture

you know

Tomasz Kozak's picture

You, as eary adapter of RF system should buy R5/R6 ;-) Do you think they will fix your problems otherwise?

Dan Jefferies's picture

Headline: "Canon abandons EOS RP and R; Too Bad So Sad".

Robert Nurse's picture

Maybe the R/RP can't be improved via firmware.

Tomasz Kozak's picture

Why not? The only reason they wont improve is they know whoever bought into RF so early will buy their next shit

Robert Nurse's picture

The hardware would have had to have been designed to take improvements via firmware upgrades.

T B's picture

Too bad we still can not use strobes with focus bracketing for studio product shooting. 👎🏽

David Pavlich's picture

Probably shouldn't buy a Canon, then.

Tim Koppenhafer's picture

Ok but where is the removal of the nonsensical 30 minute recording limit? There's no reason to have it anymore, no "video camera tax" loophole that saves them money shipping cameras if they can't go over 30.