Capture One Express 7 Announced - Phase One's Affordable Raw Processing Software For Under $100

Capture One Express 7 Announced - Phase One's Affordable Raw Processing Software For Under $100

Phase One announced their new Capture One Express 7 raw image processing software today and it's free to try for 60 days and only $99 to buy! Express 7 is actually a streamlined version of their advanced Capture One Pro 7 software, which is what I personally use, focusing primarily on RAW processing. Also, I'm excited to mention that they are using my Mad Max photoshoot on the marketing material. :)

It's no secret to those that follow my work, I have aligned myself professionally with Phase One. No, they are not paying me to do so. They simply have one of the finest camera systems in the world, which I happily own and shoot with (my Phase One 645 DF+ with IQ140 back), and have developed one of the most advanced tethering and RAW processing software on the market.

I'm all about customization and tuning, from my car to my camera to my software. Capture One Pro and Capture One Express (aka. COP and COE) offer seemingly infinite tweaks and adjustment options for your images. The simply have beautiful image processing engines, extensive exposure and color controls, HDR capabilities, noise reduction, extensive sharpness and masking tools, and all in one package. I highly suggest trying the software out for free. You can do it for 60 days, which is pretty crazy if you ask me.

You can learn more about the new Capture One Express 7 by Phase One, buy it, or try it free for 60 days here:

The main functions and features of Capture One Express 7:


Here is an extensive chart listing features and differences between Capture One Express and Capture One Pro 6 & 7:

COE Comparison Chart-1

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The comparison would be better if they also added a column for Adobe Canera Raw and Lightroom. Phase one wont do it but you guys could.

 i would like to see this too...

 Exactly what I thought. I use LR4. It is ok but many things bother me including speed. I will probably give a try to the trial version.

sure ill see about putting this together

Wouldn't hurt to do the trial. Thanks for the post.

youre right and sure thing!

i was actually going to ask a similar thing i use LR4, but really would like to know if there is a benefit to using this over LR4..... although i could just do the trial and see :)

Looks like a good option, I'm using AfterShot Pro but Corel take an eternity to add support for new camera models (not that this affects me directly but it gives a poor impression of their support model). Also alot of lens and camera combinations are not supported by AfterShot for distortion/CA/vignetting correction. I had considered version 6 express but it was missing lens corrections, now they've added this feature it's certainly more appealing

+1 For AfterShot Pro

Express Version is complete crap with such severe restrictions.
No local adjustments. This feature is absolutely crucial for serious retouching.
No spots removal tool.
Not even for free would I take it. 

That was my first thought when looking at the feature list last week as well.
Second thought was I'd like to see a LR comparison.  LR probably organizes better and has better 3rd party support.  C1 supposedly has better skin tones and moire removal.  But most people have standardized on LR (when Adobe doesn't shoot themselves in the foot by making it molasses slow :-)

These type of programs are so much alike we may as well compare a) how stable they are b) the speed of loading/viewing images and c) Their footprint and "bloat" (useless features)

Also, a comparison (courtesy of Armand Niculescu )

I will really appreciate if they make the phase one module a bit more affordable like the capture one software ;)