Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 7 With Over 100 New Features

Capture One is a fantastic program that recently released a new update. Capture One Pro 7 has many new improvements that are welcomed and expected. They have touted over 100 new features that makes this quite a worthy update. 

They've completely improved on the raw processing engine to create an accurate rendition of your files. It'll be interesting to see how this compares to Lightroom in every regard.

It is priced to sell at $299 for a new version and an upgradeable version at $99.

Here are some highlights at a glance as noted on their site:

Raw Processing:
Capture One Pro 7 features the world’s most advanced image processing engine, with a brand new Bayer Interpolation Method, that will allow you to achieve vastly superior image quality with excellent color and fine detail from your camera’s raw files.

Tailor-Made Camera Profiles:
Each supported camera is tested and fine tuned extensively by our image quality team to create a bespoke profile that brings out the very best.

Noise Reduction:
Professionals will enjoy the improved out of the box noise reduction, especially improved for higher ISO images. To reduce noise, every camera is optimized by our image quality experts. For you as a professional this means you can shoot with higher ISO more confidently than ever before.

Highlight and Shadow Recovery:
Perfect high-contrast scenes by recovering blown out highlights and opening up dark shadows. Use the improved HDR tool to bring out details and contrast in the shadows and highlights, even in images taken under difficult light conditions.

Local Adjustments:
Use the improved local adjustments like gradient mask, fill mask and auto mask, to fine-tune the details in targeted areas of your images. The non-destructive local adjustments let you edit selective parts of an image for unlimited creative control and results.

Search and Filtering:
The new advanced search and filtering option ensures that you can always find your images quickly and easily with specific criteria. Although your originals are offline, you can still browse, search and even adjust your images.

A catalog is the primary method of photo organization and viewing in Capture One Pro 7. A catalog contains all the information needed to find and display any image added to the Catalog, within one portable and sharable file.

For a full list along with sample images, check out:

Additionally, here's a full list of features along with a video tutorial for most of them:

Our very own Douglas Sonders took the program for a spin, here's a look at his initial thoughts after a shoot:

They've also gone ahead and expanded their supported camera list, which seems up to date. You can check out their full range of supported cameras here:

We'd like to hear your initial thoughts on Capture One Pro 7. Does it entice you enough to buy it? Do you believe the new features would benefit your work and workflow? Also, do you believe the tools are advantageous enough to switch over for those who use other programs?

[Via Phase One]

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Ooooooo!  Can't wait to get the upgrade tonight!!

The thing is. LR is about 120€. Capture One Pro 7 is 299$ (about 231€). They have to have some damn good features to still be competitive. 100€ is almost double the price of LR. So Capture One Pro 7 should better be 2 times better then LR. Unless you don't have to look at your money.
If money isn't an problem you can take the problem you like the most. But in our current economy even photographers do have to take a look at the price......

If you are in Europe you have to add an extra 25% to the price which isn't fun.

 If you make your living as a Pro Photographer $299 shouldn't be a problem for the best image quality out there. You can "Capture" that back in 1 afternoons shoot.

The price wont make much difference to pro's that shoot Medium format or high end 35mm and want the best file's,Phase is a small company and we need to consider that when we look at the price..

 If its as good or better than capture one 6 it'll blow LR away. CO6 for me was stunning after I'd gotten used to it. Just wish it wasn't so expensive

Capture One is a wonderful piece of kit but the price has always been expensive in my opinion. To get a license for multiple office computers is nuts.

I found it odd they started packing Lightroom with Hasselblads now.

Why is it that they pack LR with blad's? Phocus is the tethering app and best raw converter,and LR is an optional tether/converter but mainly the DAM app

 I don't see any improvement or fix for tethered shooting problems. When I am shooting tethered to my laptop using capture one pro 6.4 every 10 to 15 minutes I get disconnected and I have to restart the application and sometime the laptop to get tethered shooting enable. This was one of the main reason why I purchase the application seven months ago. As for C1P7 after testing it yesterday on a shoot I personally don't see any improvement or difference from C1P6.4 and the tethered shooting problem still exist every 10 to 15 it automatically stop, and I have to restart the application. As for now it is not worth the upgrade. I will keep using C16.4 until I see the tethered shooting problem resolve. 

Configuration for C17

I Install the application on two different apple machine with different Mac OS version to see if tethered shooting problem was fix.

MBP 15 with Snow Leopard 10.6.8  Intel I7 2.5GHz with 8gb ram- And tethered shooting problem still exist.

IMac 21inc Lion 10.7.5 Intel Intel 2.7GHz with 8GB ram- And still experience the tethered shooting problem.  As for processing nikon Nef to JPG performance is the same as C1 6.4. It took about two to thress minutes to process 900 Nef files to Jpg. 

FYI it seems D800 tethered option is disable.

I've used Capture1 for a really long time, and its a nice piece of software in many ways. Tethering is way better then in Lightroom and for me it seems that the color engine is alot more solid then in both Aperture and Lightroom. There are however some downsides. One is that they seem to do alot of releases, and in some cases they are buggy as hell. The big deal breaker for me right now however is that they haven't managed to sort out the tether issue with alot of the top end Canon cameras. So I wont be upgrading until they've sorted that out.

Also, I do use Lightroom as well, but the who programs are really good at different things. I use Lightroom for making fun, different and cool images that really look like they've been heavily retouch while I use Capture1 for the more natural looking result.

HAHA, you beat me to my own post!

I still think you should do an in-depth post about it, Doug. And after seeing the comments here, I really am quite interested in what this program really brings to the table for a photographer's workflow. 

I tethered with a D800 and tested today with no problems at all. 

Both applications have their pros and cons. I always use Capture when I shoot tethered on medium format (which isn't that often) but everything else - Lightroom is just simply faster. 
I have jobs where I deal with 3000 frames a day that need to be sorted, exported etc.
And I just tested it today - Lightroom is still way faster than Capture. And when a production day with models costs around 10000 Euros every minute counts...