Alien Skin Announces All-New Exposure 7

This week, Alien Skin announced version 7 of their wildly successful editing platform, Exposure. Along with a beautiful UI, several new film-stock emulations, new non-destructive tools (including a new straighten tool), new texture overlays (some of which were made by Lara Jade and Parker Pfister) and new file browsing interface, the most exciting addition to Exposure 7 is new comprehensive raw file support. Exposure 7 is available now for $149, existing Exposure 6 users can nab a copy as a free upgrade for people who purchased after June, 2014 or $69 for other Exposure 6 owners.

Below is a quick rundown by Alien Skin detailing the updates made in Exposure 7:

  • How about RAW support for starters? As a standalone program, Exposure 7 will now allow you to work on RAW files from a wide range of cameras from all manufacturers without having to convert to a TIFF or JPEG first.
  • Not only that, but Exposure 7 provides true non-destructive editing for RAW files in standalone mode. Your workflow is about to get a lot simpler and more streamlined!
  • Exposure 7 now provides rapid folder and file browsing right within the same UI when working in standalone mode. No need to switch between modules like in other programs; you can simply pull up batches or individual images and work on them right then and there.
  • Also in standalone mode, Exposure 7 features a new, easy-to-use Crop and Rotate panel, which will help you get your images looking just right.
  • You’ll also be able to easily export and resize images as JPEGs and TIFFs right from Exposure in standalone mode.
  • We’ve continued to work on Exposure’s underlying image processing engine to maximize color fidelity whilst ensuring things stay running like greased lightning.
  • We’ve also developed some cool new film presets based on careful research of the original film stock:

– Kodak Portra 800
– Fuji Pro 800 (expired)
– Kodak Gold 200
– Kodak Gold 400
– Fuji Superia 400
– Fuji Superia 800

– Kodak BW400CN
– Ilford XP2 Super 400
– Kodak T-MAX 400

  • Finally, you can put the finishing touches to your images by using a series of cool new textures that we’re adding to the Overlays panel.

If you're anything like me then you probably look up to the work done by Jonas Peterson, Felix Kunze, Lara Jade, Sue Bryce, and Fstoppers' own Zach Sutton, all of whom make use of this powerful software in their own workflows. After having been on the fence about Exposure for quite a while I went ahead and got the trial myself just today.

To pick up a copy or try it out for yourself check out Alien Skin's website

The Fstoppers crew has shown a lot of love for Exposure in the past, check out Lee's review of Exposure 4 and Zach review of Exposure 5. I'm looking forward to seeing how this fits in my own workflow and imagine a review of Exposure 7 is right around the corner.

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Is there a way to adjust the white balance on a RAW file in the standalone version of Exposure 7?

I'm not sure actually, the closest thing I can find with a cursory glance is the "warm / cool" slider under the color tab.

There isn't one yet, but it's coming. For now, you can actually use the color filter controls. It's not the standard way but it will work. Just use varying degrees of saturation and density of Blue and Orange to correct the white balance in your images.

Although I have no need at all for this latest release (it's been mere months since version 6!), I'm always, always impressed.

Used judiciously, Aline Skin Exposure is my favorite finishing touch.

Take a peek at a couple shots from a very recent session.

Good stuff, Sean! I believe you're eligible for an upgrade (free) if you already have v. 6. :D

Hi Sean, I'm Robert, the support guy over at Alien Skin. If you purchased your copy of Exposure 6, then you are in fact eligible for a free upgrade. If you haven't received it, please visit and fill out the form so we can get you taken care of.

Robert, I tried and they said... NO.


Seems it's not a free upgrade for a lot of people as my version 6 didn't get me a free upgrade either. Nice.

$150 for a film emulation filter set? Who uses this stuff, and why? As someone who grew up on film, I just don't get "film emulation", since they never look at all like the film types the purport to emulate. I suppose the end result may give someone something they like, and may be visually useful, but just call it something else.

I primarily shoot film now (all of my personal work is 135 c-neg film) and swear by the Mastin Labs system. Side-by-side with a beautiful Fuji Frontier scan you are very hard pressed to tell the difference. I can't speak to the film emulation in Exposure but have certainly heard good things.

This is an enjoyable discussion Austin. Thank you. I would like to see some of your film work.

I am never the sort to create nor become sucked into Nikon VS Canon brand competitions or Film VS Digital "bear baiting" attempts. But for those who might be truly researching film like I was, here are my own conclusions.

I think most people that start out with digital will come to similar conclusions. If you shot film before digital you're in a different head. Although I mostly shoot digital, I still shoot film, but only because I know it well. ;-)

Thanks for the input. Would love to hear detailed thoughts from others... either way

It's not for me. Eye Candy 7 was on offer for $99 when I bought a license, and I thought it outstanding value for its huge range of effects and textures — apparently even Steve Caplin uses Eye Candy's Chrome filter! My use is more illustrative than pure photography, but that not withstanding, I just don't see why Exposure is worth $149 :-(