Cinematic Camera Movements to Practice and Learn From

It's never been easier to produce cinematic looking shots than it is right now. The advance of technology has been incredible in the last few years and we really are spoilt for choice in the best possible way.

Cameras like the Panasonic GH5 have really pushed what a relatively smaller sensor can produce. At the point when it was first released, it was the first professionally affordable camera that offered 4k video at 60 frames per second. This was obviously extremely useful for many videographers and it still remains a very popular choice. Handheld gimbals are another tool that has somewhat revolutionized how videographers work. The ability to produce smooth looking footage even while walking and moving around is pretty amazing and very useful. In a recent video by DSLRguide, Simon Cade discusses and demonstrates several cinematic movements that can be achieved with a gimbal. All of the shots are from famous movies and being able to replicate them with just a small mirrorless camera and the DJI Ronin S is pretty impressive. I think practicing clips from famous movies is a great way to learn and develop new skills. I personally will be trying these because I want to improve my skills and what better way than to learn from some of the best in the industry. 

Check out the full video linked above. 

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Oh... Thanks for showing the low light performance of GH5...