Cinetics, Makers of CineSkates, Have a New Time Lapse Motion-Control Device

Cinetics, Makers of CineSkates, Have a New Time Lapse Motion-Control Device

Cinetics, originally known for their Kickstarter success story CineSkates, has just put a brand new product on Kickstarter yet again, this time aimed at motion control and time lapse. Called Axis360, it is "a compact, motorized tripod head and slider for dynamic video and time lapse photography."

Axis360 is an automated motion control system that rotates and slides a camera. Designed specifically for small production crews and extreme portability, the system is compact and lightweight, sets up quickly and easily, and is extremely versatile. Compatible with most DSLR, mirrorless, and cinema cameras weighing less than 11 pounds, Axis360 can move at a wide range of speeds, fluidly or incrementally, and the number of system combinations to suit specific shooting needs is virtually endless. Axis360 is controlled by the CineMoco motor controller, which is compatible with most video cameras and can synch moves and timelapse photos on most Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras with cables included with the system. Many other cameras support timelapse photography with built-in timers (intervalometers) and do not require a camera cable.

The Axis360 is available in three primary kits: Basic, Plus and Pro. The Basic Kit has everything you need to set up a motorized panning camera move including CineMoco Controller, Tripod, and Ballhead. Any tripod with a ¼”-20 or 3/8”-16 attachments can also be used.

The Axis360 Plus includes all the components of the Basic Kit plus a Tilt Kit for balanced, motorized tilting moves.

The Axis360 Pro includes all the components of the Plus kit as well as a slider rail for smooth, automated horizontal and vertical camera moves. Two and three axis motion control kits are also available for multi-dimensional moves.

axis 360 motion control 1

axis 360 motion control 2

axis 360 motion control 3

axis 360 motion control 4

axis 360 motion control 5

The new Axis360 and the entire line of Cinetics portable cinematic systems will be on display at SXSW trade show March 9-12 in Austin, TX.

You can check out more information on their Kickstarter page, which is already well on their way to the goal of $70,000.

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Love it!!

Looks like a great product

Having three separate controllers seems a bit silly to me.. would have been much better if they combined it into one unit

Hi agour, thanks for the feedback! Three controllers have advantages: you can use the pan, tilt, and slide individually, and each motor is very easy to control. There is also the option to link the controllers and control each motor from a single controller with optional cables. A single controller for three motors would be cool though. We are definitely listening to people's thoughts on this and are considering building a single multi-axis controller. Thanks again for the comment and for checking out our project! Justin Jensen, Cinetics Founder

I want one!