A Compact LED Light for Your GoPro and Smartphone

A Compact LED Light for Your GoPro and Smartphone

As mobile photography continues to grow in popularity, so does the creativity that goes along with it. It is truly amazing to see some of the images and videos that people are creating using smartphones, GoPros, and other devices. It is no surprise that companies are creating mobile accessories designed specifically with mobile photography and videography in mind. One company, Think Eleven, has developed an interesting new LED light.

The Lume Cube is a 1.5", compact, versatile light source capable of producing 1500+ lumens of light in both video and flash mode. It is completely waterproof and can be controlled wirelessly by a Bluetooth enabled app. The app is able to control up to five Lume Cubes simultaneously, adjusting the brightness, flash duration, and red-eye latency on each Lume Cube. Another cool feature the Lume Cube has is the ability to be configured as a slave unit and fired by another flash.

While I don’t think the Lume Cube is going to be replacing any professional-grade lighting equipment, I do think it will be a fun device to use creatively. I think that it would be great to experiment with the Lume Cube in the surf at night and am excited to test it out with a GoPro, as well as a smartphone. Using the Lume Cube in strobe mode with a smartphone could open up new doors for mobile photographers and really has the potential to help create some amazing art. Although it isn't available yet, you can learn more and pre-order one on their website. While this product will undoubtedly add to the vast library of useless GoPro footage available online, in the right hands, I think the Lume Cube has the potential to help create some beautiful imagery and will be a fun accessory to experiment with.

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