[Contest Entry] How To Convert A DSLR To Infrared, Light With Xbox Kinect

The final day to submit your behind the scenes video for our contest is December 31st. With 30 days left, the videos are starting to pour in and they are getting better and better. I've never had any interested in infrared photography until I saw Mark Fore's contest entry. In the video below Mark shows us how he converted his digital rebel into an infrared camera for $6. He then takes pictures lighting his subjects with the Xbox Kinect. To learn how to turn your camera into an IR system, check out this website.

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I enjoyed this and would love to convert an slr to IR, but for the people in the know sigma dslr range actually has a removable IR filter so you could do IR photography pretty easy with that although you would have to use a filter on the lens to block out normal light which would kill your chance of using the viewfinder.

I haven't watched the video yet, so I might have missed the point. Would it be much different if you used a non-IR camera with a video projector and an image of a bunch of dots?

Mark, if you read this ( or anybody else with a knowledge of infrared dslr photography for that matter), I have a few specific questions I'd like to ask before I convert my old camera.

Very interesting video. I really enjoyed it.

Thankyou Clay! if you have any questions I would say we should use the forum post for that one, http://fstoppersforum.com/showthread.php?1786-Infrared-Portraiture-and-a... ask away and I shall try to answer them to the best of my ability!

i think would be easier to use normal film - camera, with infrared film inside. 

Rafal Janicki

It would be but if you have an old body laying around getting it IR converted is a good thing as IR light lights acts in a different way and can penetrate some objects making them look completely different.

Wow!! I feel very honored to have made the front page on FStoppers, it sounds kinda cheesy and cliche but this really is a dream come true! Thanks for putting on this contest!!

this is so cool and the guy looks just like Lee Morris