CP+ Show in Japan Sees Tons of New Nikon Gear!

CP+ Show in Japan Sees Tons of New Nikon Gear!

CP+ kicked off and has led to a ton of Nikon announcements, including the new 800mm super-telephoto beast, now available for pre-order, an AF-S 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G, firmware updates to the Nikon D4, and even updates to an array of smaller, compact and semi-compact Nikon cameras...

The new AF-S 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR is the first time in a LONG time that Nikon has introduced an 800mm lens. And for an easy $17,899, you can get on the pre-order list and have some fun spying on other countries (I mean shooting sports or birds from a mile away). For that price, you at least get a new 1.25x teleconverter designed specifically for it. Nikon claims that it helps keep the same image quality standard as the main lens itself, introducing the first ED element ever in a Nikon teleconverter. Adding this one will turn the 800mm into a 1000mm with a maximum aperture of f/7.1.

nikon 18-35mm

Additionally, Nikon updated its 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5, adding the AF-S insignia, turning it into a G lens (no aperture ring), and updating the style to Nikon's new lens style that it's been using for the last couple years. You can pre-order the new lens for $749 at B&H.

Have a Nikon D4? Download the new firmware recently released! Download it here.

Finally, Nikon updated part of its Coolpix line-up, adding a new AW110 and S31 that replace the AW100 and S30 waterproof cameras, respectively. Other updates include a new P520 and L820 (both superzooms). Pre-order any of them by clicking on the previous names.

Nikon P520 Nikon P520

Nikon L820 Nikon L820

Nikon AW110 Nikon AW110

Nikon S31 Nikon S31
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how is the filter thread on the 800mm only 52mm? must be a typo... that thing seems massive for 52mm

52mm drop in filters im assuming

i'm not familiar with these larger lenses, by drop ins do you mean that the filters are insert within the barrel closer to the camera? if so, that's interesting. wouldnt that also mean it would be prone to debris getting into the barrel?

Adam's picture

Almost all supertelephotos of this magnitude feature drop-in filters that, as you guessed, drop into a holder that is made to fit closer to the lens mount. Technically, one could say that this could lead to more dust in the barrel, but I've never heard that argument before and don't think it really leads to anything in real situations. Besides, minor dust is less of an issue in more telephoto lenses, as even if there are some specs, they are so out of focus that they'll never show in any meaningful way in the image...

Chris Newman's picture

I've used the 400mm 2.8 with drop-in and once that slot is locked in, its sealed pretty dang good.

Can I stick that bazooka on the front of my crop sensor?  At 1500mm, it'd damn near be a telescope.  

Adam's picture

I can give you almost 18,000 reasons you probably can't. But if you have that kind of money (or a friend that does), do it! Nikon's F-mount work just fine on their DX or FX cameras. And yes, you'd have quite the telescope. Let me know if you find a way to do it :-)

 I found a way to do it.. You just put it on the camera, like any other lens.. Let me know if you have any other engineering challenges...

how about throwing it on an FT-1 adapter for 2700mm? ;)

 Or you could just crop lol

4.59kg for the 800mm lens. I wouldn't surprised if a lighter version of the 400mm F2.8 is in the works :-)

Adam's picture

I have a secret dream for a truly hand-holdable 400mm f2.8. Wouldn't that be fantastic....

I believe there are more than just a few who have the same secret dream :-)

I'm not seeing anything in the specs that say this thing can see thru walls.

Spy Black's picture

 The MTF chart is pretty flat. Granted, long lenses usually are, but not like this one.

Just want to see a new "300s"....:(