The Crazy Canon Photo Printer Deal Is Back

The Crazy Canon Photo Printer Deal Is Back

The Canon Pro-100 printer is on sale and it's so cheap it's worth buying even if you don't need a photo printer. The $455 package only costs $79

The Canon Pro-100 normally costs $380 and it's very much worth that price. We own two of them. Right now the printer is $70 off instantly, plus when you add it to your cart, you will also be given $75 worth of 13x19 Pro Luster paper. Then you can get a $250 rebate if you fill out the form by the end of December. We have done this deal multiple times in previous years and the rebate money always shows up very quickly.

The bottom line is that you can get a professional printer and paper that normally costs $455 and you can buy it today for $79. Buy it, you won't regret it, and yes, it comes with ink. 

Update: BH seems to be raising the prices. I will update you all if they lower them again. 

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How quickly? rebate

like 2 weeks when I did it

Ya I think I remember it being around a couple weeks

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Thanks for the heads up Lee. Looking forward to getting my print on now!

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How does it compare to an equivalent Epson. I've never had a Canon.

I have not owned an Epson recently, but I used to and it was a nightmare. It always clogged. I own 3 canon photo printers and I have never had a single problem with them and the image quality is equal if not better than any "professional" print I have ordered.

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Thanks. I'll check on the cost of ink first, though. I'll have to buy more sooner than later. :-)

yep, this whole kit is cheaper than more ink.

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Have you submitted multiple $250 rebates in the same year? Just ordered one (while watching Around the World BTS) and I'm thinking of buying another just for the ink and paper.

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I was wondering the same thing.

If i were to hazard a guess it is because the Epson was using pigment based ink vs the Canon's dye based ink. Any pigment based ink printer will clog if not used often or kept on.

Something to take note of. Prints using dye based inks do not last as long as pigment based ink. Regardless this is a killer deal. How an anyone pass this up.

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The awesome thing with Canon printers, is that you can REMOVE the print head to clean it or completely replace it. With an Epson, you have to stick some print cleaners in there, or paper towels soaked in Windex, praying that you are able to clean the clogged nozzle. I've spent hours working on these problems on different Epsons, and it's a huge bummer when it's all for naught.

I live in Canada. Am I eligible for the rebate as well?

I just checked the rebate form. Only good for the US states

Sigh- again. We are good enough to have as a smaller market but not good enough to give a good deal to..

I feel you, I was so ready to order one and decided to just check the rebate form first just incase. Good thing I wasn't impulsive this time.

Did they change the rebate? The rebate I see on B&H requires the purchase of paper with the printer to get the $250 rebate? Otherwise if the printer is purchased by itself then the rebate is $200?

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I think it coming with the free paper is what enables the 250$ rebate

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Yes the free paper enables you to use the $250 off. It works. I’ve done this deal 4 times.

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Just made the purchase but it was 79$, not sure if the price changed since you posted the article. Still seems worth it to me!

I think B&H raised the price at some point this morning. I ordered the deal this morning and the price was $329 with the paper.I looked at my reciept and it was $329. I just checked the site again for a friend of mine and the price for the printer is now $379. I'm glad I jumped on as early as I did.

I don't see the rebate at all. When does it tell you about the rebate?

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The link to rebate in the article seems to be broken. Can't find it otherwise.

Ok so once again and as usually, nothing interesting for the rest of the world but for the US. Fantastic..

Joel Cleare's picture

Maybe because he’s American 🤔.

Diko Jelev's picture

Is this US wide only valid? How about the UK and EU?

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ive Used this deal for the past few years. Just bought my 5th printer. Still using my original printer. Use the deal for the ink only.

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What am i missing here, it says $79 as the price not $59?

Not sure if a price changed or I made a mistake but I am also seeing 79 now.

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