Datacolor Launches SpyderX Tool Kits for Digital Photographers

Datacolor Launches SpyderX Tool Kits for Digital Photographers

In my view, color management is one of the most important things we can do as photographers. The use of color is one of the fundamentals of what makes a great image. For that reason, I highly recommend using calibration tools.

Datacolor, the company behind the Spyder brand has recently released two color calibration bundles for photographers. The SpyderX Capture Pro and the SpyderX Studio.  Both bundles include the SpyderX Elite however, they're both put together for slightly different needs.  

SpyderX Capture Pro provides all the essentials needed to precisely manage color from image capture through editing and includes:

·      Spyder LensCal – Calibrate cameras, lenses and DSLR components.

·      Spyder Cube – Set white balance and raw conversion.

·      Spyder Checkr – Next-level camera color calibration.

·      SpyderX Elite – Professional monitor calibration.


SpyderX Studio is the essential all-in-one photographic workflow solution for precision control from capture, to editing to print, and includes:

·      Spyder Cube – Set white balance and RAW conversion.

·      SpyderX Elite– Professional monitor calibration.

·      Spyder Print – Printer profiling for any printer/ink/paper combination.

Both bundles are currently available for preorder with a 20% discount. This discount period will last until the 14th of July 2019. The standard price of the SpyderX Studio is $499.00 but can be ordered now for $399.00. The SpyderX Capture Pro will be retailing for $399.00 and is currently available for $319.00.

Personally, I think the SpyderX Studio is something that I find to be the more compelling option between the two. Having the printer profiling tool with the Elite calibrator make a lot of sense if you're planning on printing images at home. 

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