[Deals] Sandisk Strikes Again! 16GB Memory Cards From $17!

[Deals] Sandisk Strikes Again!  16GB Memory Cards From $17!

Hopefully this post isn't as exciting to you because you already took advantage of the HUGE Sandisk 32GB sale we posted last week. But if you missed it or for some reason thought 32GB was overkill, Sandisk 16GB Memory Cards are on Sale today only. Even if you don't need more memory for your DSLR cameras, at these prices it's a good time to snag up a few for other devices.

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Yeah, only if you can use an SD card in your camera.  Mine takes CF cards.

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 the CF cards are on sale now too! 

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Tim, scroll down.

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The CF cards are $52 or $74 NOT for less than $20.00 . Them putting that picture of a CF card in this add stating under 20$ is a crock of sh*t. false advertisement.


did you guys REALLY expect a high performance CF card to be under 20 dollars? CF's hit a more professional market, and they'll always be more expensive than SD. 

Yeah I kinda did.... CF card prices were going down from 2000 to 2005 like every other piece of tech crap... UNTIL everyone else moved on to SD cards and only pros needed CF... CF's are getting as archaic as Sony's Memory stick. It's not an issue of professionalism, it's price gouging.

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Then they shouldn't put the picture in there then cause thats false advertisement. Clay you must work of them since your backing up there lie.

Normally even on sale the cards are still more expensive compared to Hong Kong. but wow, the 60mb/s 16gb CF is actually cheaper!

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I just called Adorama and they were surprised with the picture as well and how it displays the CF and SD card to be perceived as under $20.00 

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you just sit around all day and spam blog comments with accusations based on your limited ability to demonstrate common sense?

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11 Hilarious Examples of False Advertising http://www.oddee.com/item_97929.aspx

Thanks for the pointer guys ... ordered few SD and CF right away :) Yes 32 is def a overkill and risky at times. 

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Risky?  Risky is changing memory cards out at any point during your shoot.  It hasn't happened often but I've lost or almost lost images/videos from human error when it comes to backing up cards.  I've never lost anything from a bad memory card....knock on wood :)

Yeh ! Great price if your in the USA. The 16GB EXTREME CF CARD is only $52.95, but they want a ridiculous $59.60 for shipping to Australia ? What a joke ! How can they justify this amount ? 
Just stick it in a registered envelope for a few dollars mate.