Does the Canon R5 Have an IBIS Bug That’s Causing Blurry Photos?

Several Canon R5 owners are reporting that some of their images are soft as a result of what seems to be the sensor twisting during an exposure, probably as a result of a bug in the IBIS implementation. Have you noticed this phenomenon?

Canon Rumors was first to report that R5 owners were experiencing issues that appears to be caused when the IBIS is set to “always on”. The first photograph in a sequence seems to “twist” during the exposure as a result of the sensor’s movement and causing a slight motion blur in the corners of the image. Subsequent photographs are then fine.

Only the first image in a sequence appears to be affected. Apparently, if you turn off the camera or review your images, the first photo you then take will suffer the same twist. You can see the bug occurring in the video above from Canon Rumors forum member juanmaasecas.

As Canon News notes, the R5 and the R6 were Canon’s first full frame mirrorless cameras to feature image stabilization and such bugs are not completely unexpected. It is curious, however, that users seem to have been reporting this behavior for several months and yet Canon has not addressed the issue, despite the manufacturer releasing various firmware updates since the camera’s launch.

One user on the Canon Rumors forum reports sending his R5 off for Canon to repair this “wobble” only to be told that it was within “acceptable tolerances”.

Have you experienced this bug? Let us know in the comments below.

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Jason K's picture

My R5 shakes violently sometimes when I pair my 600mm f4L with my 1.4x TC III, It's like the IBIS motors are going nuts. It happens 100% of the time if I attach my Extension Tube EF 12 II to the 600mm + TC. If I half press the shutter, it calms down and I can continue shooting but it does flare up periodically.

louis heredia's picture

maybe if they used a tripod, i'd have an easier time believing it.

Guus van Goethem's picture

Yes sure I recognize that problem. After my first shoot august 2020, I called CPS at once. R5 was 2x times to Canon Europe. Never tested a cam so much and so long. they reported “acceptable tolerances”. after several months I did claim a new one and last April I got a new R5. I accept how the R5 reacts, but I will sell him immediately when the R3 arrives. don't trust it no more, not satisfied.

Jamieson Dean's picture

I discovered that the Sony A1 also has ibis issues. Many others sharing that they've discovered the same.