DxOMark Rates Canon 1D X Worse than the Three-Year-Old Nikon D3s

DxOMark Rates Canon 1D X Worse than the Three-Year-Old Nikon D3s

The Canon 1D X is the most expensive among the mainstream, full frame, professional DSLRs out there, and its scores on DxOMark aren't going to help the camera sell...

DxOMark's tests involve many aspects of the camera and weigh these aspects differently. So in quite a few circumstances, the certainly has an edge. But when talking about pure image quality issues -- like ISO, dynamic range, and color depth -- the 1D X falls short, almost tying Nikon's three-year-old flagship while the D4 really jumps ahead in ratings.

DxOMar's ratings are generally controversial for their 'overall' scoring. But what do you guys think? Should Canon have stepped it up for such an expensive camera?

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Oh boy, here we go...

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The D800 scores a 95 that beats the D4 for less money!  So do we go strictly by the numbers from DxOMark.  Real life reviews sometimes show a different story but in all fairness each has its own strengths.  I love the competition, even from Sony, Sigma, Tamron and others because in the end it helps drive the technology and we win as consumers.  I think the test are important, not so we can argue who has the better camera but so we can hold manufacturers to the highest possible standards.  As professionals we all invest thousands (20k+) on our gear and we want them (Canon & Nikon) to know that we are watching.  Keep up the great work here guys (Fstoppers).

I've been a pro photographer for 20 years, 7 years as freelance, switching from Nikon to Canon. I have far too many expensive canon lenses now, to switch back to Nikon - having given this great consideration. I'm more than happy with my 5D MKIII, which seems streets ahead of anything Canon have produced for years. However, I'm in desperate need of a new weather-sealed body to replace my 1D MKIV but i'm loathed to pay a mental amount of money for another half-arsed attempt by canon to catch up with Nikon.
I've owned EOS 1D MKIIn's, MK III's, Mk IV's and have always been found wanting for better performing camera's while my Nikon colleagues have been laughing all the way to publication. I've only ever been happy with the 5D MKIII as i've said - even the MKII had problems.
You'd have thought that by now having seen the massive flood from Canon to Nikon, the bods at Canon would have stripped and copied a Nikon D3 / D4 to stay in the game.

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Nice community reference, keep making streets ahead a thing!

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"However, I'm in desperate need of a new weather-sealed body to replace my 1D MKIV but i'm loathed to pay a mental amount of money for another half-arsed attempt by canon to catch up with Nikon."1DX is half arsed??? seriously.. have you used one.. they pretty good

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Let the wars begin

It's just a consumer product. If you prefer Nikon, then shoot fucking Nikon, it's not like anyone who owns one can actually tell the difference between any of them once they've been retouched and gone to print. If you can tell the difference, then you should be shooting medium format and not giving a shit which crappy DSLR has a microscopic edge over the other. 

The brand-bias on this website is pathetic.

yep and it´s obvious that these guys are fanboys...

this says it all:

"..... involve many aspects of the camera and weigh these aspects differently..."

it´s just the SENSOR of the camera.. as if the sensor is everything.

and who would buy a MF after the DXO tests?

it´s just pathethic what this guy writes.

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 "yep and it´s obvious that these guys are fanboys..."

If this is a comment about Fstoppers, like I said up above, at least half the writers shoot Canon...

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comment deleted by user

"it's not like anyone who owns one can actually tell the difference between any of them once they've been retouched and gone to print"
Not all of us have the luxury of retouching when we're shooting news and sport in low light against a tight deadline - you can tell the difference, especially when they fail to focus and the noise is poor.

I shoot Canon because i prefer Canon, I just wish they'd work as intended.

You've just illustrated a perfectly rational point; the exact opposite of this article. You require a service that the Nikon performs better. Very different from a typical blanket FStoppers statement of "DURRRR GUESS WHAT GUYZ NIKON IS BETTER *mouth breath*"

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 The only person who seems to be mouth-breathing here is you, my friend.

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1DX Autofocus is a beast.. nails it almost every time.. I shoot Nikon as well,the latest Nikon  camera's have tremendous sensors in terms of D.R but some people prefer the canon colour.. Both Canon and Nikon  camera's can make great shots in the right hands..if you want really high quality though,Medium format is still better. at a price 

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 The only thing that's pathetic is you getting this worked up over a sensor review.

Go put your face behind your camera and calm down.

5 years ago, Canon was the clear leader in DSLR. Now, clearly not. It's as simple as that.

Camera-up-to-the-face-self-portrait-guy-I've never listened to him before, and today is no different.

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 "The brand-bias on this website is pathetic."

Are you referring to Fstoppers? Not to invoke an argument with you, but if you are referring to FS, you should know at least half of us shoot Canon.

Yeah, not arguing the distribution of camera users, but FStoppers is pretty well known for its slanted support for Nikon. Or maybe the Nikon half are just far more fervent, I dunno.

It's there though, and, at times, palpable. 

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 To be fair, like someone else noted. Canon was the industry leader in the beginning of the DSLR boom, and now Nikon has made some giant leaps.

With all that being said, I think it all boils down to opinion. I shoot Nikon currently and I am looking to switch to Canon because when it comes to edit I like working on the SOOC Canon files more than the Nikon ones... Maybe I am weird, but I use my GF's Canon more than my Nikon.

In terms of DSLR video though I would say Canon puts out a better file.

At the end of the day it is all personal preference, but when site after site keep reporting Nikon is winning in sensor performance over Canon, we report it. That's what we do here, we report things found on all corners of the web.


nikon wins, ever!

"....involve many aspects of the camera and weigh these aspects differently"

another clueless comment.. DXO just measures the SENSOR.. get a clue what your talking about.

and happy normalizing.....

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this is from a nikon guy

no he is not...

Oh boy. Head. Wall. Bang.

When was the last time anyone bought a certain model car based solely on its engine? You take into account other factors such as handling, comfort, fuel efficiency and so on.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

They are all great cameras that can take great images, just some suit some people better than others and stuff.

Oh, what's the point.

I've said it for 4 years....Canon should work on improving dynamic range, high ISO and auto-focus and forget about the rest of the fluff. Here is the result of not listening to people who use their products despite the fact that Nikon had better offerings on at least two of those three items.

That said..most users, even the ones who claim to be "pros" won't notice the difference except maybe in auto-focus so why complain.

oh no. Nikon is better than Canon. Wasn't it a few years back that Canon were better than Nikon? Swings and roundabouts, really though who cares.

I don't know why you all get so excited about it all. A camera is a tool for doing a job with, not for measurbating over.

The nikon/sony sensor is better than canon....STOP!!! The quality of jpeg.....the AF,video,ergonomy,speed,etc....glass.... ALL IS ANOTHER THING!!!
SO....I've a nikon D3 and i'm very happy....i've taken the d800 ( the best sensor in dslr second only to the E version ) for a few months but i prefer my D3 for almost all of my shoot for other reason than the sensor.

i was a canon shooter until the d4 and 1dx were announced. i ordered and now own the d4 and an awesome set of nikon glass. i began seeing the DXO ratings and became confused. After my d4 arrived the d800 marks came in higher. and it showed the d4 and d800 beating out hasselblads and other medium formats with canon nowhere to be seen on any top rating. i believe nikon has them in their pocket. don't get me wront, i love my d4. she's my baby. but i wouldn't put any faith in their rating system.
as for who's who and who's best? SCREW IT ALL. GET WHAT YOU LIKE, WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD AND GET SHOOTING! screw all the noise. it will only interfere with your creative goals. some of my favorite shots were taken with my dated canon rebel xti!

 I'm still shooting my Rebel XTi/400D and classic 5D!... but feeling the technology gap too =)

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