Is the Edelkrone Motorized Camera Slider Setup Worth $2000?

Sliders can add a real sense of professionalism to your videography, but is Edelkrone's SliderPLUS V2 really worth $2,000?A motorized slider is one of those things that's on my shopping list, but never makes it to the top. I imagine if I had one and were to use it, it'd become integral to my work flow, but I have never been able to sensibly justify the investment. I'm clearly not alone in that concern as YouTuber and videographer Armando Ferreira asks the same question of Edelkrone.

I like Edelkrone as a company; they're innovative and everything I read from trustworthy sources seems to suggest they make excellent products. However, with that degree of excellence comes a price tag that isn't negligible. The SliderPLUS V2 and HeadONE bundle in this video comes to around $2,000, although you can get the slider on its own cheaper. In fact, on a budget, the V1 is only a couple of hundred dollars. That said the new features are interesting. The payload it can carry is particularly impressive.

Do you own an Edelkrone slider? Would you recommend it?

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