edelkrone QuickRelease One: A Solution to the Mounting Plates Chaos

Tripods, jibs and sliders; they all require an attachment mechanism for our cameras and different brands provide different mounting plate standards. A small company, edelkrone, based in Czech Republic claims to provide one universal piece of gear that allows to attach your camera to any mounting plate.

edelkrone is famous for their smart inventions in the world of filmmaking gear. I personally know them for their sliders, but they keep on figuring out other ingenious ways to help us to tell stories; their slogan "Reinvent" is spot on. These guys take current well known rig solutions, that we take for granted, and re-design the very core principles of the gear, creating a new product.

Their new invention, QuickRelease One, seems to come in very handy when you have different types of mounting plates in your gear arsenal. Placed at the bottom of the camera just like a normal mounting plate, the QuickRelease One takes advantage of the standard 1/4"-20 screw all plates have. It contains a locking mechanism that quickly attaches to the screw and the actual mounting plate stays on the gear head and doesn't have to be removed. It is designed mainly for DSLRs and lightweight cameras up to 6.6lb (3 kg). Priced at 89.99 Euro, it is available for purchase on their website.

[via edelkrone]

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Frank Balthazar's picture

I have seen one in the field. It can be the source of shake, since the base is so small. Especially paired with a slider. Bums me out, these guys make great equipment. I would like to give it another shot, since I only tried it with my buds C100 mark2. Anyone else experience this? The rig did way less then 6.6 pounds. Camera weighs 2.2lbs, lens 1.21 lbs.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

Thanks for the comment Frank.

I think it depends on the camera + lens footprint too. If used with a longer lens, even weighting a little, it could stress the base quite much (as a long lever). I've never tried it. I've seen the announcement a couple of days ago.

Feedback for the QuickRelease One is always welcome for all readers. It can even reach the guys from edelkrone and make them make the needed changes in the product if they are any serious complaints.

Frank Balthazar's picture

We used it on edelkrone slider with the motor. The lens was a wide angle Rikinon, can't remember the exact focal length, maybe a 14mm. It would be nice if you could slide the weight of the camera front to back to minimize shake. I would love to be proven wrong or to find a simple solution. I love the gear these guys make.

Anonymous's picture

Like Frank, it looks like it'd be a source of shake. I run the same ball heads on my tripod, boom and slider and the bases stay on my cameras.

Anonymous's picture

Thank. The. Lord.

Great promo... Very clever. That being said, this product seems too good to be true. I fear it won't be secure or it won't be stable when you add the height. I hope that I'm proven wrong though.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

It is mounted on the camera just like a regular plate. I don't think this could be the bottleneck. However the other side, where it attaches to the screw, is the new principle they're presenting. I don't know how it would feel in real life.

Anonymous's picture

Edelkrone has always been hit and miss. When they hit the target it's a bullseye. When they miss it, God burns a roll of Kodak Vision 3. I see this thing more as a way to adapt to rare or otherwise obsolete mounts.

Mmmmh... nope.
I'm happy with my Arca Swiss plates.