Elinchrom Introduces Grids for Its Rotalux Softboxes

Elinchrom is well known for its superb range of softboxes. The Swiss flash manufacturer just announced today the introduction of grids for their Rotalux line.

Up until today, Elinchrom offered grids for its small reflector and dishes, but not for softboxes. Owners of Rotalux softboxes had to get solutions from third parties. It was both expensive and not very practical. But fortunately, Elinchrom listened and decided to improve its softboxes line by releasing an easy to use grid option for each Rotalux model currently available.

Whether you use a stripbox, the famous deep octa 39", or the fantastic indirect octa 59", Elinchrom has got you covered and has created grids for them all. The only exceptions are the softboxes found in the Litemotiv range. The grids the Swiss flash manufacturer created for its Rotalux line are designed to offer a 30° beam angle. It's effortless to set up using hook and loop fasteners. It comes with a pouch with clear labeling on it so you won't mix up your different grids when traveling or putting them away in your gear closet.

I've been using the grids for a few weeks now, and while I don't think it's worth a full review, I still think it's worth mentioning that they are extremely well built and straightforward to put on the softboxes, even on the larger ones. It also adds new options to use the Rotalux light shapers, even though they already are some of the most versatile softboxes available on the market when combined with the double diffusion and the deflectors. My beauty dishes are collecting dust in my closet.

One slight issue current Rotalux owners may notice when buying the grid is that it doesn't work well with the external diffuser. It would actually require Velcro on the outside to attach to the softbox while holding the grid in place. But this is due to the old external diffuser design. Elinchrom released a new one and it's available as an additional option. It's not a big deal though, I've personally relied on a few paper clips to hold everything in place instead of getting a new diffuser. But if you want everything to be neat and well attached, be sure to get the new external diffuser with Velcro on the outer frame.

As the Rotalux range is quite extensive with 12 different sizes and shapes, pricing varies accordingly to the softbox. Pricing – excluding taxes – starts at $79 for the small 14x35" strip and goes up to $224 for the indirect octa 59".

As an Elinchrom user, I'm very excited to see the brand listening to feedback and introducing new accessories such as the grids. If you want more information regarding the grids, including the pricing for the different Rotalux sizes, be sure to head over to Elinchrom's website.

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Johnny Rico's picture

"I'm very excited to see the brand listening to feedback and introducing new accessories such as the grids."


And how late to the party were they on this one..

Daris Fox's picture

They tried to release some years ago and was ready to release them, but got stopped by a patent dispute from what I've heard. Instead they've relied on third party companies to produce them but this is welcome if belated.

Johnny Rico's picture

Yeah, it's been like 10 years in the making.

Lee Christiansen's picture

Good to see Elinchrom finally getting to this.

I bought one for my 100cm Deep Oct from Ebay and it is an excellent build with perfect fit and no sagging:


Robert Nurse's picture

I've had the 39" Deep for years and have been waiting as least as long. I'm doing a dance as I type! The third-party solution I found sucked. But, it looks like the grid plus revised outer diffuser will cost as much or more than the modifier they're designed to work with! Is this industry standard greed or what? Profoto's the same, they charge $500+ for the grid for the 5' Octa!

Andrew Eaton's picture

Shame they are not making one for my 1.9m indirect octa :-(