The End of Flash Cross-Branding Issues: Elinchrom Opens Its Skyport Protocol to Third Parties

The End of Flash Cross-Branding Issues: Elinchrom Opens Its Skyport Protocol to Third Parties

In recent years, the radio flash transmitter market has grown extensively. Every camera brand and strobe manufacturer has come up with its own system, but as if that wasn’t enough, some brands specialize in designing their own as well. Today, Elinchrom is opening its Skyport protocol to third parties with the hope of creating a new industry standard and solving the cross-branding issues photographers are facing nowadays.

The Skypor (short for EL-Skyport) system was designed about ten years ago. It was the very first solution to offer remote control features such as flash power adjustment, and it inspired many other companies to follow in Elinchrom’s steps. Since then, the system has evolved quite a bit, especially last year with the introduction of the Skyport HS Plus and its advanced functionalities.

By allowing other brands to use the EL-Skyport protocol, the Swiss flash manufacturer wishes to create a new standard for wireless communication in the lighting industry. Interestingly enough, Elinchrom uses the words "lighting industry,” specifying that the Skyport could potentially become an asset for videographers as well. Better yet, the press release indicates that Hi-Sync is part of the Sykport Protocol, but other popular functionalities will soon be incorporated as well. Could Elinchrom be looking at implementing TTL, HSS, and other features found in hot shoe flashes and other studio strobes? Time will tell, but it does sound promising!

While this announcement may not seem like a big deal to many, it could be a game-changer for photographers if camera manufacturers decide to implement the protocol in their bodies. Phase One has already done it with Profoto, and it works beautifully. It would be about time others follow! It could potentially remove the need for a different transmitter for each camera body! And I’m not even talking about the possibilities if other flash manufacturers decided to use it as well.

For more information on the Skyport protocol, please visit Elinchrom's website.

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Roy Bridgewood's picture

Its too little too late... Its also quite arrogant Bronclolor offered its users a honest solution. The rise of high quality Chinese manufactured lighting has and will cut deep into The established brands profits. This sounds a little desperate

Dominique Richardson's picture

doesnt cactus v6ii already handle this?

Joe Sailor's picture

This can work since many systems dont have studio management like the USB skyport. So we can work the flashes in the studio from an iPad or computer.
Also opening the protocols can give users ideas on better syncs and better performances.

Ryuji Suzuki's picture

I am an Elinchrom user and like the idea but I am also a bit skeptical of its influence at this point. Like Roy, I think it's too little too late.